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3d max material tutorial pdf

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The procedure described in this tutorial works in 3ds Max and 3ds Max

Welcome to our 3ds Max beginner tutorials. Good for creating 3D models and applying textures and materials. It is used by game developers, TV and movie animation. Download 3ds Max trial here.

3ds Max Tutorials for Beginners

The procedure described in this tutorial works in 3ds Max and 3ds Max A change in how 3ds Max exports bump maps means that normal maps will not be found by the conversion service if that version is used. Creating physically based rendering PBR materials in 3ds Max is a straightforward task. It's similar in many ways to PBR setup in other content-creation apps like Maya. The sample scene in this tutorial contains a number of polygon box objects.

They're assigned different materials, like wood, metal, painted metal, plastic, and rubber. Broadly speaking, each material contains all or most of the following textures:. To start, we'll create a number of box objects, each of which represents a different type of material. It's worth noting before you start to create assets for Remote Rendering that it uses meters for measurement.

So it's a good idea to set your scene's system units to meters. It's also a good idea to set Units to meters in the FBX export settings when you export a scene. In System Unit Scale , select Meters :. We can now begin to create the models.

In the sample scene, we'll create several box objects, each representing a different material type. For example, metal, rubber, and plastic.

When you create assets, it's a good practice to name them appropriately as you go. This makes them easier to find later if the scene contains a lot of objects. Now that we have some objects in our scene, in this case a number of cubes, we can begin the PBR setup:.

On the main toolbar, select the Material Editor icon as shown in the following screenshot. You can also select M on your keyboard to open the editor. Because this scene is relatively simple, we'll use the compact mode. In the Material Editor, you'll see a number of spheres. These spheres are the materials. We'll assign one of these materials to each object each box in the scene. To assign the materials, first select one of the objects in the main viewport. Then select the first sphere in the Material Editor.

After it's assigned to an object, the selected material will be highlighted, as shown in the next image. Select Assign Material to Selection , as shown. The material is now assigned to the selected object.

In the Material Editor, you can choose from a wide selection of material types, depending on your needs. Typically, the material type is set to Standard by default. This material is a basic material that's not suitable for PBR setup. So we need to change the material type to a PBR material. In the Material Editor, select the Standard tab. In the Material Editor, you now see the properties for the Physical Material, as shown in the following screenshot.

You can now start to assign textures to the asset. As you can see, there are a wide range of maps and textures that you can add to the material. For this tutorial, we use only five texture slots in the material. How you generate your textures can vary according to preference or usage. For example, you might want to use tiling textures that can be applied to any asset. Or you might need specific parts of a project or asset to have their own custom sets of textures.

You might want to use generic tiling textures that you can get online. Before we start to assign textures, we'll need to consider the asset's texture coordinates UVW. It's a best practice when you apply any textures to a model to ensure that the model is unwrapped. Textures won't display properly without proper UV unwrapping. It's especially important for our purposes because we want to use an Ambient Occlusion AO map on our model.

So we'll apply the AO map to another slot. To allow it to be used separately from the other textures tiling textures, for example , we'll assign it a UVW map channel of its own. We'll start by assigning an unwrap UVW modifier to the model, as shown in the following screenshot. In the selected objects properties editor, select the modifier list.

In the drop-down list that appears, scroll down and select Unwrap UVW. This action applies an unwrap UVW modifier to the asset. The map channel is set to 1. You'll typically do the main unwrapping in map channel 1. In this case, the object has been unwrapped with no overlapping texture coordinates UV. Close the UV editor if it's open. In the Channel section of the Edit UVs menu, change the channel number to 2.

Map channel 2 is the expected channel for AO maps. For example, if you want to use tiling textures in channel 1. In this tutorial, we'll move the UVs from channel one to channel 2 because we don't need to edit the new UV channel. Even if you've copied moved the UV unwrap from map channel 1 into map channel 2, you can make any necessary edits to the new channel UVs without affecting the original map channel.

Now that we've created the new map channel, we can return to the Physical Material in the Material Editor and start to add our textures to it. First we'll add the AO map because there's another step to allow it to work correctly.

After the AO map is plugged in to our material, we need to configure it to use map channel 2. We'll instead apply the AO map to the Diffuse Roughness slot. In the AO textures properties, the map channel is set to 1 by default. Change this value to 2. This action completes the steps necessary to add your AO map.

This is an important step, particularly if your UVs in channel 2 are different from those in channel 1, because the AO won't map correctly if the wrong channel is selected. We'll now assign the normal map to the PBR material. This action differs somewhat from the process in Maya. The normal map isn't applied directly to the bump map slot. There's no normal map slot in the 3ds Max Physical Material.

Instead, you add the normal map to a normal map modifier, which itself is plugged into the normal's slot. This action adds a Normal Bump modifier to the material. Locate and load your normal map. Make sure the method is set to Tangent. It should be, by default. If necessary, toggle Flip Green Y.

With the normal map correctly assigned, we can assign the remaining textures to complete the Physical Material setup. This process is simple. There are no special settings to consider. The following screenshot shows the full set of textures assigned to the material:. Now that the PBR materials are created and set up, it's worth thinking about instancing objects in the scene. Instance similar objects in the scene, like nuts, bolts, screws, and washers.

Any objects that are the same can yield significant savings in terms of file size. Instances of a master object can have their own scale, rotation, and transforms, so you can place them as needed in your scene. In 3ds Max, the process of instancing is simple. Hold the Shift key and drag the assets upwards by using the transform move tool. This action creates an instance of your object that you can move, rotate, or scale independently of its parent and of other instances of that parent.

Any changes you make to an instance while you're in sub object mode are transmitted to all instances of the object. So if you're working with an instanced object's components, like vertices and polygon faces, be sure that you want any changes you make to affect all of the instances.

Remember that any instanced object can be made into a unique object at any time. When instancing in your scene, it's a good idea to create instances as you go along. Replacing copies with instanced objects later is difficult.

Ideally, if you pass the asset on to clients or team members, you'll want them to be able to open and view the asset as it should be seen with a minimum amount of fuss. So it's important to keep your asset's texture paths relative to the scene file. Making the texture paths relative in 3ds Max solves this problem and is fairly simple. Next to them, in the Full Path column, you'll see the path of the location of your textures, most likely the path of their location on your local machine.

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Know the Basics: 3ds Max. Creating realistic materials takes time, not only practicing but also studying real-world materials. We're all still learning but it's a fun process to be involved in. Materials hold properties of diffuse, reflection and refraction as well as bump and displacement. We'll be focusing less on the individual types of materials and more on how you can use the interface to create your materials.

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A 3D map, on the other hand, is generated by 3ds Max. 1 Select Generator01 and Generator02, the large boxy objects to the left. 2 In the Material Editor, click the.

Material Libraries

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Tutorial: Set up physically based rendering materials in 3ds Max

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