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park tool big blue book of bicycle repair vol 3 pdf

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The book is written for the novice to expert home mechanic and features hundreds of color pictures. The book is written for the novice to expert home mechanic and features hundreds of color pictures to assist the reader in a step-by-step fashion. It is current with the latest technologies and makes allowances for variations by manufacturer.

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Big Blue Book of Bicycle Repair — 3rd Edition

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My father Howard and his partner Art Engstrom had just bought a small fix-it shop on the east side of St. Both loved to get their hand dirty. So the shop seemed to be a good fit with their skills. Along with the lawn mowers and ice skates, the shop sold bicycles, although neither new much about bikes. As they dug in to their new venture and bicycles evolved to include hand brakes and shifting systems, Howard and Art soon tired of working on bikes turned upside down while squatting on the floor.

With the help of a longtime friend, Jim Johnson, they designed their first bicycle repair stand. Soon, they realized there was a need for other tools that could make their lives easier, and a tool business was born. So begins our history. Today, Park Tool produces and supplies over different bicycle specialty tools to more than 70 countries worldwide. Our goal is simple: Build the best bicycle tools. We are constantly improving and expanding our line to meet the expectations of team and professional mechanics as well as those doing their own work at home or on the trail.

This, the third edition of our Big Blue Book contains new chapters, new photos and most importantly advice and mechanical procedures using some of the newest components and parts available alongside hundreds of other repairs and basic maintenance instruction.

While we love to sell tools, we feel strongly that information and knowledge are the most valuable tools of all. Once you gain some of this knowledge and the confidence to use it, a whole new side of bicycling opens up to you.

You may even take apart your bike and www. This manual is designed to give you a complete, well-rounded look at the mechanics of a bicycle.

With over 40 years in the industry, Calvin lives, eats, and breathes bicycles. This is the book Howard and Art could only dream would ever be written. To me, it is more than just a vehicle that transforms your muscular energy into motion.

The bicycle provides transportation, exercise, a way to escape, and a way to be together with friends. I view the bicycle itself as a system of numerous levers, bearings, pivots, and parts that require proper care and maintenance. I know that if you don't have a basic understanding of these parts and how they all work together, fixing your bike can be intimidating, but I also know that gaining that understanding is easier than you think. Knowledge of the mechanics of the bicycle will change the way you ride.

It gives you the confidence to ride longer and farther, the skills to do trail or roadside repairs, and the ability to maintain your bike yourself and get it ready for the next ride. Whether you own a single, high-end bike or a fleet of bikes for the family, the third edition of the Big Blue Book of Bicycle Repair is designed to help you, the home mechanic, keep your equipment in top-notch condition. Now, with the Big Blue Book 3, we are giving you more than five decades of knowledge about bicycle repair in one comprehensive, easy-to-use manual.

This latest Big Blue Book of Bicycle Repair-3 is updated with information on the newest technologies. The modern crank and bottom bracket standards and their service are reviewed in this edition.

Thru-axle hubs are now more popular, so we include them in xii this edition. Brake systems are also updated and expanded. You will also find more information on headsets than in earlier editions. The headset was once a simple system, which has now become complex with many different standards.

You can find specifics for your repair and the relevant page number at the beginning of the book in the detailed Table of Contents.

Creating a bicycle repair book is like creating a new bicycle tool. It takes time and effort and the process is never as straightforward as one would hope. I want to thank Eric Hawkins, owner and President of Park Tool Company, for his continued support and patience as we worked through this new edition of Big Blue. I also want to thank everyone who emailed or called me with feedback. It makes each edition better when we hear from readers.

This edition carries on as the most comprehensive and easy-to-use bicycle repair manual we have ever published. Leverage, friction, tension, material strength, and bonding are all parts of automobiles, coffee makers, satellites, and bicycles. Understanding some basic concepts of engineering will help you understand and service any equipment or bicycle. Understanding threaded fasteners i. These fasteners are made of two parts: the external thread, which is the bolt or screw, and the internal thread, which is the nut.

It is important to align threads correctly when you first begin to engage the inner and outer threads. The critical threads are the first ones, and damaging these threads from misalignment can make the component very difficult to install. Take note of the axis of both inner and outer threads and make sure you are rotating the parts square to this axis.

One technique for beginning a difficult-to-start thread is to purposely rotate the threaded part backwards to feel the first thread engagement. You will feel a click or give in the part, which tells you this is the beginning of the thread. Rotate in the correct direction after this.

Threads are made in many different sizes. Bolts that appear identical may actually be made for different nuts or fittings. The size of the thread is designated and named by the nominal external thread diameter and pitch of the thread. Thread diameter is measured from the outside to outside of the thread crest.

However, the actual, and accurate, measurement is slightly smaller than the common name for the thread size. The pitch is the distance from the crest of one thread to another measured along the length of the thread. Thread diameter can be measured with a caliper, but pitch is best measured with a thread pitch gauge. Metric threading uses the direct pitch measurement in millimeters from thread crest to the adjacent thread crest measured along the thread axis.

An example of metric thread would be 10 mm x 1 mm common rear derailleur bolt. Threads are made to advance as they rotate. Many threaded fasteners, but not all, tighten when turned clockwise. If the threaded bolt or screw 2 Left-hand threads are seen on left pedal and right-hand threads on right pedal. Threads slope upward toward direction of tightening. Right-hand threads slope upward to the right, and left-hand threads slope upward to the left figure 1.

As a fastener is tightened, the fastener and the threads actually flex and stretch, much like a rubber band. This stretching is not permanent. It gives force to the joint, holding it together figure 1. Each fastener is designed for a certain range of tension. Too much tightening will deform the threads or damage the parts. However, a fastener with too little preload will loosen with use, which in some cases can also damage the part. For example, riding with a loose crank bolt will eventually damage the crank.

Loose bolts and nuts are also a common source of creaking noises on the bike as the component parts move and rub one another. Without being lubricated, the internal and external threads of a fastener rub and scrape together, sticking temporarily, rather than smoothly and fully tightening to create a level of tension in the bolt that holds the fastener firmly until you disassemble it.

Lubrication also aids in preventing corrosion. As a rule of thumb, if the threads are relatively small with a fine thread pitch, a liquid lubricant is adequate. If the thread size is relatively large, grease is preferred.

For example, a small bolt holding a derailleur shift wire can be oiled, but the large threads of pedals should be greased. There are exceptions to always lubricating a thread. Nylock systems are used for adjustments when there is low torque or even no torque on the fastener.

For example, derailleur limit screws use plastic fittings to prevent the screws from turning and changing the derailleur adjustment. Do not lubricate the limit screws. Generally, bolts and nuts should be tightened as tight as the weakest member of the bolt-nut component system can withstand. For example, crank bolts are large and can take a very high torque.

Cranks, however, are typically made from aluminum and cannot withstand as much pressure as the bolt could potentially generate. The crank is the weak link in that system, and manufacturers limit the recommended torque accordingly.

To prevent overtightening and undertightening, many manufacturers provide specific torque values, best achieved by using a torque wrench figure 1. Torque wrenches are simply a type of measuring tool, like a tape measure or a ruler.

Torque wrenches measure the amount of turning effort applied to the bolt or nut. A torque wrench should be part of the bicycle tool kit, but it is possible to work without one at some risk.

Perceived effort is subjective and will change with the length of the tool used and where the hand holds the tool. Think about lifting a six-pack of 12 ounce beverage cans. The six-pack weighs approximately 4.

Turn your own wrenches, save money with updated BBB-4 repair book from Park Tool

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Shop & Learn About The Park Tool Park Tool Big Blue Book of Bike Repair In The Scaricare Park Tool Big Blue Book Of Bicycle Repair Pdf. BBB-3 Big Blue Tool BBB-4TG - Teachers Guide For Big Blue Book Of Bicycle Repair Volume IV.

Big Blue Book of Bicycle Repair — 4th Edition

Updated with new information, techniques, photos, procedures, and components, the BBB-3 3rd Edition is a complete repair manual created to provide both the novice and veteran mechanic the information needed to perform nearly any repair from trailside repairs to complete overhauls. We wrote the book on bicycle repair. E-gift cards must be purchased individually. Adding this product will remove the e-gift card currently in your cart.

BBB-3 Features

The 4th edition of the Big Blue Book of Bicycle Repair is updated with the latest information, procedures and techniques and covers everything from minor adjustments to complete overhauls. The BBB-4 features clear, step-by-step instructions, high quality color photos and useful charts and graphs to thoroughly explain and demonstrate hundreds of repairs. E-gift cards must be purchased individually. Adding this product will remove the e-gift card currently in your cart. Would you like to continue?

The lowest-priced, brand-new, unused, unopened, undamaged item in its original packaging where packaging is applicable. Packaging should be the same as what is found in a retail store, unless the item is handmade or was packaged by the manufacturer in non-retail packaging, such as an unprinted box or plastic bag. See details for additional description. Worth the money if you want to understand more about how your bike works, even if you don't carry out repairs you will be less likely to be ripped off by unscrupulous bike mechanics.

Park Tool Big Blue Book Of Bicycle Repair Pdf

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