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blue book of acoustic guitars pdf

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Electric Guitars. Milestone Series; Acoustic Guitars. Guitar Book.

Blue Book of Acoustic Guitars Sixth Edition

Phone: U. All Rights Reserved. No part of this publication may be reproduced in any form whatsoever, by photograph, mimeograph, FAX transmission, or any other mechanical or electronic means. For detailed pricing information, please either contact Blue Book Publications for ordering information, or visit their web site at.

Most acoustic models are now produced in the Bozeman, MT production facility. Gibson was born in Chateaugay, New York. In he moved West to Kalamazoo, Michigan. City records from indicate a business address of South Burdick for O. Gibson, Manufacturer, Musical Instruments. By , the city directories indicate a change to the Second Floor of East Main.

Adams pres. Van Horn treasurer , Sylvo Reams sec. Orville Gibson was not one of the founding partners, but had a separate contract to be a consultant and trainer. Gibson was also the first to purchase shares of the new company's stock. In , Gibson and the company negotiated a new agreement in which Orville was to be paid a monthly salary for the rest of his life. Orville, who had some troubles with his health back in , was treated in at the psychiatric center of St.

Lawrence State hospital in Ogdensburg, New York. In , production facilities were opened at Parsons Street the first of a total of five buildings at that location. Berlin president of CMI became general secretary and treasurer of Gibson. From this date, the Gibson Sales Department became located in Chicago while the Kalamazoo plant concentrated on production. In , Gibson began investigating into a prototype electric pickup.

In late , Gibson debuted the hexagonal pickup on a lap steel model; this same pickup was applied to an archtop guitar and offered as the ES Electric Spanish in The ES was used by jazz guitarist Charlie Christian, and this model is still known as the "Charlie Christian" model. Under the direction of then Gibson president Ted McCarty, the Gibson company attempted to throw off the tag of being "stodgy" and old fashioned when they introduced the Flying V and Explorer models in the late s.

In this case, they pre-judged the public's tastes by about 10 years! As guitar players' tastes changed in the late s, Gibson discontinued the single cutaway Les Paul model in favor of the double cutaway SG in As the popularity of the electric blues as championed by Eric Clapton and Michael Bloomfield grew during the s, Gibson reissued the Les Paul in Gibson acquired Epiphone in , and production of Gibson-made Epiphones began in , and lasted until In , production moved to Japan or, the Epiphone name was then applied to imported instruments.

In December of , E. Industries, Inc. Gibson, Inc. Norton Stevens, President of E. Berlin, President of CMI. A new factory was opened in Nashville, Tennessee the same year.

In , Norlin decided to sell Gibson. Norlin also relocated some of the sales, marketing, administration, and finance personnel from Chicago to the Nashville plant. Main Gibson production was then handled in Nashville, and Kalamazoo became a specialist factory for custom orders. In , then-gibson president Marty Locke informed plant manager Jim Deurloo that the Kalamazoo plant would close. Final production was June , and the plant closed three months later.

Moats started the Heritage Guitar Company in April of The company is located in the original building. Since the purchase in , the revived Gibson USA. Expansion of the acoustic guitar production began at the Bozeman, Montana facilities. Many hard rock bands and guitarists began playing and posing with Gibson guitars, again fueling desire among the players.

In the tail end of , both the Dobro production facilities in California and the Montana mandolin guitar facilities were closed down. New production facilities for both named Original Acoustic Instruments O.

The Bozeman, Montana operation was reopened during late , and most acoustic guitars with the exception of the Chet Atkins series are now made in their expanded and redesigned facility. In , Gibson opened up a new dealer level for specialty guitars. Whether or not Gibson is building "reproductions" with these designated models, the bottom line is that they are damn fine instruments that any Gibson fan would be honored to own and play. The very earliest instruments made are generally found with a star inside a crescent design, or a blank peghead, and labels inside the body.

This lasted until approximately From to the late s, The Gibson, inlaid in pearl and placed at a slant, is found on the peghead. In the late s, this style of logo was changed to having The Gibson read straight across the peghead as opposed to being slanted.

Flat top acoustics production began at approximately this time and these instruments generally do not have The on the inlay, it just has Gibson in script writing. By , this was the established peghead logo for Gibson.

Just before WWII, Gibson began making the lettering on the logo thicker and this became standard on most prewar instruments. Right after WWII, the styling of the logo remained but it became slanted once again. In , the logo that is still in use today made its debut. This logo has a block styling with the G having a tail, the i dot is touching the G, the b and o are open and the n is connected at the bottom.

The logo is still slanted. By , the dot on the i was no longer connected to the G. In , the logo styling became even more squared pentographed with the b and o becoming closed and the i dot being removed. In , Gibson replaced the black tinted piece of wood that had been used on the peghead face with a black fiber that the logo and other peghead inlay were placed into. With the change in peghead facing came a slightly smaller logo lettering.

In , the i dot reappeared on the peghead logo. In , the n is connected at the top of the o. There are a few models through the years that do not follow this timeline, i. Gibson Tuners The configuration of the Kluson tuners used on Gibson instruments can be used to date an instrument. Before , all Kluson tuners with plastic buttons had a single ring around the stem end of the button. In , this was changed to a double ring configuration.

Gibson Peghead Volute Another dating feature of Gibsons is the use of a peghead volute found on instruments between and Also, in Gibson switched from 17 degrees to 14 degrees on the tilt of the peghead. Before , peghead thickness varied, getting narrower towards the top of the peghead. After , pegheads all became one uniform thickness, from bottom to top.

Some of the Historic Collection family codes are 8 digits long. For further information regarding Gibson electric models, please refer to the 6th Edition Blue Book of Electric Guitars. Gibson Archtop models that feature "floating" pickups or built-in pickups will be featured in the Gibson Electric section of the Electric edition.

ACOUSTIC While the thought of a Sunburst finished Les Paul model brings many players and collectors a case of the warm fuzzies, Gibson acoustic guitar collectors are more partial to a Natural finished acoustic over a similar model finished in Sunburst. As a result, there is a premium for Natural finished Gibson acoustics. Available in Natural finish. Mfd to Blue Ridge 12 - similar to Blue Ridge, except has 12 strings, 6 per side tuners. Add approx. Available in Cherry Sunburst and Natural finishes.

Available in Cherry Sunburst finish. Mfd to Available in Antique Natural and Vintage Sunburst finishes. Mfd to C-1 E - similar to C-1, except has ceramic bridge pickup. Mfd to C-1 S - similar to C-1, except has student size body.

Mfd to C-1 D - similar to C-1, except has rounded peghead. Mfd to C-4 - similar to C-2, except has gold tuners. Mfd to C-8 - similar to C-6, except has different rosette pattern, narrow peghead.

Available in Golden Sunburst finish. Available in Antique Natural finish. Available in Antique Natural gloss lacquer finish. Available in Antique Cherry finish. Available in Antique Cherry Natural top and Cherry finish back and sides lacquer finish. Current mfr. Available in Antique Cherry Natural top and Cherry back and sides lacquer finish. Available in Antique Walnut finish. The following prices are estimated market projections. Mfd to Hall of Fame Models Hall of Fame models celebrate a famous artist's association with a specific acoustic guitar.

All Hall of Fame models are numbered, limited editions. Available in Vintage Sunburst lacquer finish. Available in Ebony lacquer finish. Available in Antique Natural lacquer finish.

New 14th Editions of 'Blue Book of Acoustic Guitars' and 'Blue Book of Electric Guitars' Out Now

Players who wish to self-appraise their own instruments have a number of options for finding a guitar blue book online. A number of websites that perform the same function as Kelley Blue Book for cars exist for guitars. You may just be interested in knowing how much your prized ax is worth, or you may be looking to buy. Either way, the internet can help you determine the fair-market value of nearly any guitar. When appraising your guitar, the first place to begin is the average market value of the guitar. From here, you can make additions or subtractions to the value based on damages, imperfections, and after-market additions to the instrument.

Register a free. Other features include a database of over 3, acoustic. Fjestad Author pdf, Read by Zachary R. Fjestad Author epub. Fjestad Author ebook Blue Book of Acoustic. Choose the book you like when you register 4.

[P.D.F Download] Blue Book of Acoustic Guitars Full-Acces

The new 14th editions of the Blue Book of Acoustic Guitars and Blue Book of Electric Guitars provide detailed information and current real-world values on guitars and basses. With more than a combined 2, pages and thousands of guitars listed, these books are the industry leaders for guitar values and information. Covering vintage and modern guitars, acoustic flattops and archtops, hollowbody and solidbody electrics, as well as basses, these books are all encompassing. Also, separate page Photo Grading System sections in each book help the reader correctly identify the condition of their guitar, which ultimately determines the value. These Blue Books are available through major bookstores, music stores and directly through our website.

By Bobby Owsinski and Rich Tozzoli. By John R.

Free Guitar Values Online

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Guitar Blue Book Online

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