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Tapas, Carrot Cake and a Corpse by Sherri Bryan: A stranger is murdered, and the residents of a small-town close ranks as the hunt for a killer gathers pace. Will you guess whodunnit in this fun cozy?

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Mans transgression known, the Guardian Angels forsake Paradise, and return up to Heaven to approve thir vigilance, and are approv'd , God declaring that The entrance of Satan could not be by them prevented. He sends his Son to judge the Transgressors, who descends and gives Sentence accordingly; then in pity cloaths them both, and reascends.

Sin and Death sitting till then at the Gates of Hell, by wondrous sympathie feeling the success of Satan in this new World , and the sin by Man there committed, resolve to sit no longer confin'd in Hell, but to follow Satan thir Sire up to the place of Man: To make the way easier from Hell to this World to and fro, they pave a broad Highway or Bridge over Chaos , according to the Track that Satan first made; then preparing for Earth, they meet him proud of his success returning to Hell; thir mutual gratulation.

Satan arrives at Pandemonium , in full of assembly relates with boasting his success against Man; instead of applause is entertained with a general hiss by all his audience, transform'd with himself also suddenly into Serpents, according to his doom giv'n in Paradise; then deluded with a shew of the forbidden Tree springing up before them, they greedily reaching to take of the Fruit, chew dust and bitter ashes. The proceedings of Sin and Death ; God foretels the final Victory of his Son over them, and the renewing of all things; but for the present commands his Angels to make several alterations in the Heavens and Elements.

Adam more and more perceiving his fall'n condition heavily bewailes , rejects the condolement of Eve ; she persists and at length appeases him: then to evade the Curse likely to fall on thir Ofspring , proposes to Adam violent wayes which he approves not, but conceiving better hope, puts her in mind of the late Promise made them, that her Seed should be reveng'd on the Serpent, and exhorts her with him to seek Peace of the offended Deity, by repentance and supplication.

MEanwhile the hainous and despightfull act Of Satan done in Paradise, and how Hee in the Serpent, had perverted Eve , Her Husband shee , to taste the fatall fruit, Was known in Heav'n ; for what can scape the Eye [ 5 ] Of God All-seeing, or deceave his Heart Omniscient, who in all things wise and just, Hinder'd not Satan to attempt the minde Of Man, with strength entire , and free will arm'd , Complete to have discover'd and repulst [ 10 ] Whatever wiles of Foe or seeming Friend.

For still they knew, and ought to have still remember'd The high Injunction not to taste that Fruit, Whoever tempted; which they not obeying, Incurr'd , what could they less, the penaltie , [ 15 ] And manifold in sin, deserv'd to fall. Up into Heav'n from Paradise in haste Th' Angelic Guards ascended, mute and sad For Man, for of his state by this they knew, Much wondring how the suttle Fiend had stoln [ 20 ] Entrance unseen. Soon as th' unwelcome news From Earth arriv'd at Heaven Gate, displeas'd All were who heard, dim sadness did not spare That time Celestial visages , yet mixt With pitie , violated not thir bliss.

Assembl'd Angels, and ye Powers return'd From unsuccessful charge, be not dismaid , [ 35 ] Nor troubl'd at these tidings from the Earth, Which your sincerest care could not prevent, Foretold so lately what would come to pass, When first this Tempter cross'd the Gulf from Hell.

I told ye then he should prevail and speed [ 40 ] On his bad Errand, Man should be seduc't And flatter'd out of all, believing lies Against his Maker; no Decree of mine Concurring to necessitate his Fall, Or touch with lightest moment of impulse [ 45 ] His free Will , to her own inclining left In eevn scale.

But fall'n he is, and now What rests but that the mortal Sentence pass On his transgression Death denounc't that day, Which he presumes already vain and void, [ 50 ] Because not yet inflicted, as he fear'd , By some immediate stroak ; but soon shall find Forbearance no acquittance ere day end. Justice shall not return as bountie scorn'd. But whom send I to judge them? So spake the Father, and unfoulding bright Toward the right hand his Glorie , on the Son Blaz'd forth unclouded Deitie ; he full [ 65 ] Resplendent all his Father manifest Express'd , and thus divinely answer'd milde.

Father Eternal, thine is to decree, Mine both in Heav'n and Earth to do thy will Supream , that thou in mee thy Son belov'd [ 70 ] Mayst ever rest well pleas'd. I go to judge On Earth these thy transgressors, but thou knowst , Whoever judg'd , the worst on mee must light, When time shall be, for so I undertook Before thee; and not repenting, this obtaine [ 75 ] Of right, that I may mitigate thir doom On me deriv'd , yet I shall temper so Justice with Mercie , as may illustrate most Them fully satisfied, and thee appease.

Attendance none shall need, nor Train, where none [ 80 ] Are to behold the Judgement, but the judg'd , Those two; the third best absent is condemn'd , Convict by flight, and Rebel to all Law Conviction to the Serpent none belongs. Thus saying, from his radiant Seat he rose [ 85 ] Of high collateral glorie : him Thrones and Powers, Princedoms, and Dominations ministrant Accompanied to Heaven Gate, from whence Eden and all the Coast in prospect lay.

Down he descended strait ; the speed of Gods [ 90 ] Time counts not, though with swiftest minutes wing'd. Now was the Sun in Western cadence low From Noon, and gentle Aires due at thir hour To fan the Earth now wak'd , and usher in The Eevning coole , when he from wrauth more coole [ 95 ] Came the mild Judge and Intercessor both To sentence Man: the voice of God they heard Now walking in the Garden, by soft windes Brought to thir Ears, while day declin'd , they heard, And from his presence hid themselves among [ ] The thickest Trees, both Man and Wife, till God Approaching, thus to Adam call'd aloud.

Where art thou Adam , wont with joy to meet My coming seen far off? I miss thee here , Not pleas'd , thus entertaind with solitude, [ ] Where obvious dutie erewhile appear'd unsaught : Or come I less conspicuous, or what change Absents thee, or what chance detains? Come forth. He came, and with him Eve , more loth , though first To offend, discount'nanc't both, and discompos'd ; [ ] Love was not in thir looks, either to God Or to each other, but apparent guilt, And shame, and perturbation, and despaire , Anger, and obstinacie , and hate, and guile.

Whence Adam faultring long, thus answer'd brief. I heard thee in the Garden, and of thy voice Affraid , being naked, hid my self. To whom The gracious Judge without revile repli'd. My voice thou oft hast heard, and hast not fear'd , But still rejoyc't , how is it now become [ ] So dreadful to thee? To whom thus Adam sore beset repli'd. O Heav'n!

This Woman whom thou mad'st to be my help, And gav'st me as thy perfet gift, so good, So fit, so acceptable, so Divine , That from her hand I could suspect no ill, [ ] And what she did, whatever in it self, Her doing seem'd to justifie the deed; Shee gave me of the Tree, and I did eate.

To whom the sovran Presence thus repli'd. Was shee thy God , that her thou didst obey [ ] Before his voice, or was shee made thy guide, Superior, or but equal, that to her Thou did'st resigne thy Manhood, and the Place Wherein God set thee above her made of thee, And for thee, whose perfection farr excell'd [ ] Hers in all real dignitie : Adornd She was indeed, and lovely to attract Thy Love, not thy Subjection, and her Gifts Were such as under Government well seem'd , Unseemly to beare rule, which was thy part [ ] And person , hadst thou known thy self aright.

So having said, he thus to Eve in few: Say Woman , what is this which thou hast done? To whom sad Eve with shame nigh overwhelm'd , Confessing soon, yet not before her Judge [ ] Bold or loquacious, thus abasht repli'd. The Serpent me beguil'd and I did eate. Which when the Lord God heard, without delay To Judgement he proceeded on th' accus'd Serpent though brute, unable to transferre [ ] The Guilt on him who made him instrument Of mischief, and polluted from the end Of his Creation; justly then accurst , As vitiated in Nature: more to know Concern'd not Man since he no further knew [ ] Nor alter'd his offence; yet God at last To Satan first in sin his doom apply'd Though in mysterious terms , judg'd as then best: And on the Serpent thus his curse let fall.

Because thou hast done this, thou art accurst [ ] Above all Cattle, each Beast of the Field; Upon thy Belly groveling thou shalt goe , And dust shalt eat all the dayes of thy Life. Between Thee and the Woman I will put Enmitie , and between thine and her Seed; [ ] Her Seed shall bruise thy head, thou bruise his heel. So spake this Oracle, then verifi'd When Jesus son of Mary second Eve , Saw Satan fall like Lightning down from Heav'n , Prince of the Aire ; then rising from his Grave [ ] Spoild Principalities and Powers , triumpht In open shew , and with ascention bright Captivity led captive through the Aire , The Realm it self of Satan long usurpt , Whom he shall tread at last under our feet; [ ] Eevn hee who now foretold his fatal bruise , And to the Woman thus his Sentence turn'd.

Thy sorrow I will greatly multiplie By thy Conception; Children thou shalt bring In sorrow forth, and to thy Husbands will [ ] Thine shall submit , hee over thee shall rule. On Adam last thus judgement he pronounc'd. Because thou hast heark'nd to the voice of thy Wife, And eaten of the Tree concerning which I charg'd thee, saying: Thou shalt not eate thereof, [ ] Curs'd is the ground for thy sake, thou in sorrow Shalt eate thereof all the days of thy Life; Thorns also and Thistles it shall bring thee forth Unbid, and thou shalt eate th' Herb of th' Field, In the sweat of thy Face shalt thou eat Bread, [ ] Till thou return unto the ground, for thou Out of the ground wast taken, know thy Birth, For dust thou art, and shalt to dust returne.

So judg'd he Man, both Judge and Saviour sent, And th' instant stroke of Death denounc't that day [ ] Remov'd farr off; then pittying how they stood Before him naked to the aire , that now Must suffer change , disdain'd not to begin Thenceforth the form of servant to assume, As when he wash'd his servants feet so now [ ] As Father of his Familie he clad Thir nakedness with Skins of Beasts, or slain , Or as the Snake with youthful Coate repaid; And thought not much to cloath his Enemies: Nor hee thir outward onely with the Skins [ ] Of Beasts, but inward nakedness, much more Opprobrious , with his Robe of righteousness , Araying cover'd from his Fathers sight.

To him with swift ascent he up returnd , Into his blissful bosom reassum'd [ ] In glory as of old, to him appeas'd All, though all-knowing, what had past with Man Recounted, mixing intercession sweet.

Meanwhile ere thus was sin'd and judg'd on Earth, Within the Gates of Hell sate Sin and Death, [ ] In counterview within the Gates, that now Stood open wide, belching outrageous flame Farr into Chaos , since the Fiend pass'd through, Sin opening , who thus now to Death began. O Son, why sit we here each other viewing [ ] Idlely , while Satan our great Author thrives In other Worlds, and happier Seat provides For us his ofspring deare?

It cannot be But that success attends him; if mishap, Ere this he had return'd , with fury driv'n [ ] By his Avengers, since no place like this Can fit his punishment, or their revenge. Methinks I feel new strength within me rise, Wings growing , and Dominion giv'n me large Beyond this Deep; whatever drawes me on, [ ] Or sympathie , or som connatural force Powerful at greatest distance to unite With secret amity things of like kinde By secretest conveyance.

But least the difficultie of passing back Stay his return perhaps over this Gulfe Impassable, Impervious, let us try Adventrous work, yet to thy power and mine [ ] Not unagreeable, to found a path Over this Maine from Hell to that new World Where Satan now prevailes , a Monument Of merit high to all th' infernal Host, Easing thir passage hence, for intercourse , [ ] Or transmigration , as thir lot shall lead.

Nor can I miss the way, so strongly drawn By this new felt attraction and instinct. Whom thus the meager Shadow answerd soon. Goe whither Fate and inclination strong [ ] Leads thee, I shall not lag behinde , nor erre The way, thou leading, such a sent I draw Of carnage, prey innumerable, and taste The savour of Death from all things there that live: Nor shall I to the work thou enterprisest [ ] Be wanting, but afford thee equal aid,. So saying, with delight he snuff'd the smell Of mortal change on Earth.

As when a flock Of ravenous Fowl, though many a League remote, Against the day of Battel , to a Field, [ ] Where Armies lie encampt , come flying, lur'd With sent of living Carcasses design'd For death, the following day, in bloodie fight. So sented the grim Feature , and upturn'd His Nostril wide into the murkie Air, [ ] Sagacious of his Quarry from so farr.

Then Both from out Hell Gates into the waste Wide Anarchie of Chaos damp and dark Flew divers, and with Power thir Power was great Hovering upon the Waters ; what they met [ ] Solid or slimie , as in raging Sea Tost up and down, together crowded drove From each side shoaling towards the mouth of Hell.

The aggregated Soyle Death with his Mace petrific , cold and dry , As with a Trident smote, and fix't as firm [ ] As Delos floating once; the rest his look Bound with Gorgonian rigor not to move, And with Asphaltic slime ; broad as the Gate, Deep to the Roots of Hell the gather'd beach They fasten'd , and the Mole immense wraught on [ ] Over the foaming deep high Archt , a Bridge Of length prodigious joyning to the Wall Immovable of this now fenceless world Forfeit to Death; from hence a passage broad, Smooth, easie , inoffensive down to Hell.

Now had they brought the work by wondrous Art Pontifical , a ridge of pendent Rock Over the vext Abyss, following the track Of Satan , to the self same place where hee [ ] First lighted from his Wing, and landed safe From out of Chaos to the out side bare Of this round World: with Pinns of Adamant And Chains they made all fast, too fast they made And durable; and now in little space [ ] The confines met of Empyrean Heav'n And of this World, and on the left hand Hell With long reach interpos'd ; three sev'ral wayes In sight, to each of these three places led.

And now thir way to Earth they had descri'd , [ ] To Paradise first tending, when behold Satan in likeness of an Angel bright Betwixt the Centaure and the Scorpion stearing His Zenith , while the Sun in Aries rose: Disguis'd he came, but those his Children dear [ ] Thir Parent soon discern'd , though in disguise.

Hee after Eve seduc't , unminded slunk Into the Wood fast by, and changing shape To observe the sequel, saw his guileful act By Eve , though all unweeting , seconded [ ] Upon her Husband, saw thir shame that sought Vain covertures; but when he saw descend The Son of God to judge them terrifi'd Hee fled, not hoping to escape, but shun The present, fearing guiltie what his wrauth [ ] Might suddenly inflict; that past, return'd By Night, and listening where the hapless Paire Sate in thir sad discourse, and various plaint, Thence gatherd his own doom, which understood Not instant, but of future time.

With joy [ ] And tidings fraught, to Hell he now return'd , And at the brink of Chaos , neer the foot Of this new wondrous Pontifice, unhop't Met who to meet him came, his Ofspring dear. Great joy was at thir meeting, and at sight [ ] Of that stupendious Bridge his joy encreas'd. Long hee admiring stood, till Sin, his faire Inchanting Daughter , thus the silence broke. O Parent, these are thy magnific deeds, Thy Trophies, which thou view'st as not thine own, [ ] Thou art thir Author and prime Architect : For I no sooner in my Heart divin'd , My Heart, which by a secret harmonie Still moves with thine, join'd in connexion sweet , That thou on Earth hadst prosper'd , which thy looks [ ] Now also evidence, but straight I felt Though distant from thee Worlds between, yet felt That I must after thee with this thy Son; Such fatal consequence unites us three: Hell could no longer hold us in her bounds, [ ] Nor this unvoyageable Gulf obscure Detain from following thy illustrious track.

Thou hast atchiev'd our libertie , confin'd Within Hell Gates till now, thou us impow'rd To fortifie thus farr , and overlay [ ] With this portentous Bridge the dark Abyss. Thine now is all this World, thy vertue hath won What thy hands builded not, thy Wisdom gain'd With odds what Warr hath lost, and fully aveng'd Our foile in Heav'n ; here thou shalt Monarch reign, [ ] There didst not; there let him still Victor sway, As Battel hath adjudg'd , from this new World Retiring, by his own doom alienated, And henceforth Monarchie with thee divide Of all things parted by th' Empyreal bounds, [ ] His Quadrature , from thy Orbicular World, Or trie thee now more dang'rous to his Throne.

Whom thus the Prince of Darkness answerd glad. Therefore while I Descend through Darkness, on your Rode with ease To my associate Powers, them to acquaint [ ] With these successes, and with them rejoyce , You two this way, among these numerous Orbs All yours, right down to Paradise descend; There dwell and Reign in bliss, thence on the Earth Dominion exercise and in the Aire , [ ] Chiefly on Man, sole Lord of all declar'd , Him first make sure your thrall, and lastly kill.

My Substitutes I send ye, and Create Plenipotent on Earth, of matchless might Issuing from mee : on your joynt vigor now [ ] My hold of this new Kingdom all depends, Through Sin to Death expos'd by my exploit.

If your joynt power prevailes , th' affaires of Hell No detriment need feare , goe and be strong. So saying he dismiss'd them, they with speed [ ] Thir course through thickest Constellations held Spreading thir bane; the blasted Starrs lookt wan, And Planets, Planet- strook , real Eclips Then sufferd. There kept thir Watch the Legions, while the Grand In Council sate , sollicitous what chance Might intercept thir Emperour sent, so hee Departing gave command, and they observ'd.

So these the late Heav'n - banisht Host, left desert utmost Hell Many a dark League, reduc't in careful Watch Round thir Metropolis, and now expecting Each hour thir great adventurer from the search [ ] Of Forrein Worlds: he through the midst unmarkt , In shew Plebeian Angel militant Of lowest order, past ; and from the dore Of that Plutonian Hall, invisible Ascended his high Throne, which under state [ ] Of richest texture spred , at th' upper end Was plac't in regal lustre.

Down a while He sate , and round about him saw unseen: At last as from a Cloud his fulgent head And shape Starr bright appeer'd , or brighter, clad [ ] With what permissive glory since his fall Was left him, or false glitter: All amaz'd At that so sudden blaze the Stygian throng Bent thir aspect , and whom they wish'd beheld, Thir mighty Chief returnd : loud was th' acclaime : [ ] Forth rush'd in haste the great consulting Peers, Rais'd from thir dark Divan , and with like joy Congratulant approach'd him, who with hand Silence, and with these words attention won.

Thrones, Dominations , Princedoms, Vertues , Powers, [ ] For in possession such, not onely of right, I call ye and declare ye now, returnd Successful beyond hope, to lead ye forth Triumphant out of this infernal Pit Abominable, accurst , the house of woe, [ ] And Dungeon of our Tyrant: Now possess, As Lords, a spacious World, to our native Heaven Little inferiour , by my adventure hard With peril great atchiev'd.

True is, mee also he hath judg'd , or rather Mee not, but the brute Serpent in whose shape [ ] Man I deceav'd : that which to mee belongs, Is enmity, which he will put between Mee and Mankinde ; I am to bruise his heel; His Seed, when is not set, shall bruise my head: A World who would not purchase with a bruise , [ ] Or much more grievous pain?

Ye have th' account Of my performance: What remains, ye Gods, But up and enter now into full bliss. Thus was th' applause they meant, [ ] Turn'd to exploding hiss, triumph to shame Cast on themselves from thir own mouths. Thus were they plagu'd And worn with Famin , long and ceasless hiss, Till thir lost shape, permitted, they resum'd , Yearly enjoynd , some say, to undergo [ ] This annual humbling certain number'd days, To dash thir pride, and joy for Man seduc't.

Mean while in Paradise the hellish pair [ ] Too soon arriv'd , Sin there in power before, Once actual, now in body , and to dwell Habitual habitant; behind her Death Close following pace for pace, not mounted yet On his pale Horse : to whom Sin thus began.

Second of Satan sprung, all conquering Death , What thinkst thou of our Empire now, though earnd With travail difficult, not better farr Then stil at Hels dark threshold to have sate watch, Unnam'd , undreaded, and thy self half starv'd? Whom thus the Sin-born Monster answerd soon. To mee , who with eternal Famin pine, Alike is Hell, or Paradise, or Heaven, There best, where most with ravin I may meet; Which here, though plenteous, all too little seems [ ] To stuff this Maw, this vast unhide-bound Corps.

To whom th' incestuous Mother thus repli'd. Thou therefore on these Herbs, and Fruits, and Flours Feed first, on each Beast next, and Fish, and Fowle , No homely morsels, and whatever thing [ ] The Sithe of Time mowes down, devour unspar'd , Till I in Man residing through the Race, His thoughts, his looks, words, actions all infect, And season him thy last and sweetest prey.

This said, they both betook them several wayes , [ ] Both to destroy, or unimmortal make All kinds, and for destruction to mature Sooner or later; which th' Almightie seeing, From his transcendent Seat the Saints among, To those bright Orders utterd thus his voice. See with what heat these Dogs of Hell advance To waste and havoc yonder World, which I So fair and good created, and had still Kept in that State, had not the folly of Man Let in these wastful Furies, who impute [ ] Folly to mee , so doth the Prince of Hell And his Adherents, that with so much ease I suffer them to enter and possess A place so heav'nly , and conniving seem To gratifie my scornful Enemies, [ ] That laugh, as if transported with some fit Of Passion, I to them had quitted all, At random yielded up to their misrule; And know not that I call'd and drew them thither My Hell-hounds, to lick up the draff and filth [ ] Which mans polluting Sin with taint hath shed On what was pure, till cramm'd and gorg'd , nigh burst With suckt and glutted offal, at one sling Of thy victorious Arm, well-pleasing Son, Both Sin , and Death , and yawning Grave at last [ ] Through Chaos hurld , obstruct the mouth of Hell For ever, and seal up his ravenous Jawes.

Then Heav'n and Earth renewd shall be made pure To sanctitie that shall receive no staine : Till then the Curse pronounc't on both precedes. Such was thir song, While the Creator calling forth by name His mightie Angels gave them several charge, [ ] As sorted best with present things.

The Sun Had first his precept so to move, so shine, As might affect the Earth with cold and heat Scarce tollerable , and from the North to call Decrepit Winter, from the South to bring [ ] Solstitial summers heat.

To the blanc Moone Her office they prescrib'd , to th' other five Thir planetarie motions and aspects In Sextile, Square , and Trine , and Opposite , Of noxious efficacie , and when to joyne [ ] In Synod unbenigne , and taught the fixt Thir influence malignant when to showre , Which of them rising with the Sun, or falling, Should prove tempestuous: To the Winds they set Thir corners , when with bluster to confound [ ] Sea, Aire , and Shoar , the Thunder when to rowle With terror through the dark Aereal Hall.

At that tasted Fruit The Sun, as from Thyestean Banquet , turn'd His course intended; else how had the World Inhabited, though sinless, more then now, [ ] Avoided pinching cold and scorching heate? Thus began Outrage from liveless things; but Discord first Daughter of Sin, among th' irrational, Death introduc'd through fierce antipathie : Beast now with Beast gan war, and Fowle with Fowle , [ ] And Fish with Fish; to graze the Herb all leaving, Devourd each other; nor stood much in awe Of Man, but fled him, or with count'nance grim Glar'd on him passing: these were from without The growing miseries, which Adam saw [ ] Alreadie in part, though hid in gloomiest shade, To sorrow abandond , but worse felt within, And in a troubl'd Sea of passion tost , Thus to disburd'n sought with sad complaint.

O miserable of happie! O voice once heard Delightfully, Encrease and multiply , [ ] Now death to hear! Who of all Ages to succeed, but feeling The evil on him brought by me, will curse My Head, Ill fare our Ancestor impure , [ ] For this we may thank Adam ; but his thanks Shall be the execration; so besides Mine own that bide upon me, all from mee Shall with a fierce reflux on mee redound, On mee as on thir natural center light [ ] Heavie , though in thir place.

Symbolism of the number 7

As an early prime number in the series of positive integers , the number seven has been associated with a great deal of symbolism in religion , mythology , superstition and philosophy. In Western culture, it is often considered lucky. The Pythagoreans invested particular numbers with unique spiritual properties. The number seven was considered to be particularly interesting because it consisted of the union of the physical number 4 with the spiritual number 3. The number seven in the seven days of Creation is typological and the number seven appears commonly elsewhere in the Bible.

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The manga is licensed in North America by Yen Press. An anime television series adaptation by Lerche aired from January to March Kamome Academy is famous for its rumors regarding its Seven Wonders and supernatural occurrences. Nene Yashiro, a first-year high-school student who loves the occult and wishes for a boyfriend, summons the Seventh and most famous Wonder, "Hanako-san of the Toilet" , a girl who allegedly haunts the bathroom and can grant wishes for the right price. Upon summoning her, Yashiro discovers that "Hanako-san" is nothing like the rumors say; Hanako is a boy.

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The Colossus Rises book. Read 1, reviews from the world's largest community for readers. One BoyJack McKinley is an ordinary kid with an extraordina

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