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LED's are small in size, longer life, reliable and require little power. Here generation photon by spontaneous emittion. LED's produce a divergent and incohrent light beam.

Spectral width is defined as the 3dB optical power width and it is measured in nanometers nm or microns. A bigger spectral width enables higher link bandwidth on the FOC. For an LED the spectral width is about 80 nm when it operates at nm and 40 nm at nm. The spectral width of a LD is 3 nm for operation at nm and 1 nm at nm. They are however slower than Distributed Feedback lasers.

Light-emitting diode

As the wide application of fiber optic system, optical light source plays a more and more important part in it. Among which, LED and Laser light source are two types of semiconductor light sources. The following article will discuss about laser vs LED and list the differences between laser and Led light source. Basically, both kind of light source must be able to turn on and off millions to billions of times per second while projecting a near microscopic beam of light into an optical fiber. The general difference between them as that LEDS is the standard light source which is short for light-emitting diodes. Laser light source like gas lasers may be mainly used in some special cases. Lasers are more powerful and operate at faster speeds than LEDs, and they can also transmit light farther with fewer errors.

Laser diodes play an important role in our everyday lives. They are very cheap and small. Laser diodes are the smallest of all the known lasers. Their size is a fraction of a millimeter. Laser diodes are also known as semiconductor lasers, junction lasers, junction diode lasers or injection lasers.

Difference between LED and Laser Light Source

LED emits light as the consequence of charge carriers recombination across P-N Junction, while LASER emits light as a result of photons striking the atom and compels them to release the similar photon. A laser works on the principle of stimulated emission and LED works on the principle of Electro-luminance. Thus, in LASER every released photon strike another atom to release similar photon and therefore, the beam of light thus produced is coherent in nature. On the contrary, the light produced by LED is incoherent. The LED is considered as the optical source for various crucial applications. The main principle behind its working is electro-luminance. In this phenomenon, the forward biased P-N junction emits light when electrons and holes recombine at the junction.

A light-emitting diode LED is a semiconductor light source that emits light when current flows through it. Electrons in the semiconductor recombine with electron holes , releasing energy in the form of photons. The color of the light corresponding to the energy of the photons is determined by the energy required for electrons to cross the band gap of the semiconductor. Appearing as practical electronic components in , the earliest LEDs emitted low-intensity infrared IR light. The first visible-light LEDs were of low intensity and limited to red. Modern LEDs are available across the visible , ultraviolet UV , and infrared wavelengths, with high light output. Early LEDs were often used as indicator lamps, replacing small incandescent bulbs, and in seven-segment displays.

Differences between LED and LASER Diode

Benefit deriving from the use of light is known since ancient time, but, only in the last decades of twentieth century, we witnessed the rapid expansion of knowledge and techniques. Light-emitted diode LED -based devices represent the emerging and safest tool for the treatment of many conditions such as skin inflammatory conditions, aging, and disorders linked to hair growth. The present work reviews the current knowledge about LED-based therapeutic approaches in different skin and hair disorders. LED therapy represents the emerging and safest tool for the treatment of many conditions such as skin inflammatory conditions, aging, and disorders linked to hair growth.

Contemporary white light-emitting diodes LEDs are much more efficient than compact fluorescent lamps and hence are rapidly capturing the market for general illumination. LEDs are also replacing halogen lamps or even newer xenon based lamps in automotive headlamps. Because laser diodes are inherently much brighter and often more efficient than corresponding LEDs, there is great research interest in developing laser diode based illumination systems. Operating at higher current densities and with smaller form factors, laser diodes may outperform LEDs in the future.

Lighting with laser diodes

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    Thus, light emitted by LED consists of many colours while light beam generated by the LASER is monochromatic i.e. single colour light. LED is the acronym of Light Emitting Diode while the LASER is the abbreviated term used for Light Amplification by Stimulated Emission of Radiation.