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Contemporary Sources for the Fourth Crusade

I would not be surprised if it became a classic. It will certainly appeal to a very wide audience I will be amazed if anything better on the crusades appears in His [Dickson] scholarly insights and close attention to detail are admirable and he delivers his argument with terrific panache. Never has the strange episode of the Children's Crusade been treated more ably, nor has anyone before now thought so deeply and so wisely, as Gary Dickson has, about its twin status as historical fact and potent myth.

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Robert of Clari was a knight from Picardy who took part in the Fourth Crusade, which ended with the capture of Constantinople in Robert seems to have returned to France in , since although his work contains references up to the date of , the events between and are summed up very briefly in what serves almost as an epilogue to his story. His chronicle is one of the few accounts we have where we see military events being discussed from the point of view of an ordinary soldier. Here beginneth the history of them that took Constantinople, and presently we will tell you who they were and for what cause they went thither. It came to pass, what time Pope Innocent was Pontiff of Rome, and Philip was King of France another Philip there was, who was Emperor of Germany , and the year was the twelve hundred and third or fourth year of the Incarnation, that there was a certain priest, Master Fulk by name, who was of Neuilly, a parish that lay in the Bishopric of Paris. This priest was a right worthy man and a right good clerk, and he went about throughout the lands preaching the cross and many folk followed him, because he was so worthy a man that God wrought very great miracles in his behalf; and much substance did this priest obtain to carry to the holy land beyond the sea. And now will we name to you the bishops that went thither.

Paul Magdalino, St. Andrea and Mrs. Juanita B. Andrea to celebrate the publication of the English translation of Gunther of Pairiss Hystoria Constantinopolitana. Images of scenes and individuals relevant to the capture and sack of the city as reported by Gunther surround and emerge from Dandolos torso.

What were the Crusades? The Crusades were a series of military campaigns during the later Middle Ages fought against the. Views 4 Downloads 0 File size KB. Cause of the Crusades The reason and cause of the crusades was a war between Christians and Moslems which centered aroun. The Crusades What were the Crusades?

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The University of Constantinople was founded in the fifth century and contained artistic and literary treasures before it was sacked in and , [8] including its vast Imperial Library which contained the remnants of the Library of Alexandria and had , volumes. Constantinople was famed for its massive and complex defences.

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Robert of Clari’s account of the Fourth Crusade

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