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gaining ground the origin and evolution of tetrapods pdf

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Jennifer Clack (1947–2020)

Evolution of the Vertebrate Auditory System pp Cite as. The Ostariophysi are the hearing specialists of the ray-finned world. They are placed cladistically within the euteleosts and include the gonorynchiforms and a much larger group called the Otophysi see Fig. Although lacking the Weberian apparatus, other euteleosts nonetheless have hearing capabilities, if not always as acute as those of the otophysans. Weberian ossicles, however, represent a hearing apparatus whose evolution can be traced in the fossil record. Unable to display preview. Download preview PDF.

Gaining Ground, Second Edition

Conceived and designed the experiments: DG. Performed the experiments: DG. Analyzed the data: DG AB. Wrote the paper: DG AB. Tetrapod fossil tracks are known from the Middle Devonian Eifelian at ca. Tetrapods are now generally considered to have colonized land during the Carboniferous i. Our analysis on tetrapod evolution was performed using molecular data consisting of 13 proteins from 17 species and different paleontological data.

It includes extant and extinct amphibians , reptiles including dinosaurs and therefore birds , and synapsids including mammals. Tetrapods evolved from a group of animals known as the Tetrapodomorpha which, in turn, evolved from ancient sarcopterygian fish around million years ago in the middle Devonian period ; [3] their forms were transitional between lobe-finned fishes and the four-limbed tetrapods. The first tetrapods from a traditional, apomorphy -based perspective appeared by the late Devonian, The change from a body plan for breathing and navigating in water to a body plan enabling the animal to move on land is one of the most profound evolutionary changes known. Modern amphibians , which evolved from earlier groups , are generally semiaquatic; the first stage of their lives is as fish-like tadpoles , and later stages are partly terrestrial and partly aquatic. However, most tetrapod species today are amniotes , most of those are terrestrial tetrapods whose branch evolved from earlier tetrapods about million years ago crown amniotes evolved million years ago. The key innovation in amniotes over amphibians is laying of eggs on land or having further evolved to retain the fertilized egg s within the mother.

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Rise of the Earliest Tetrapods: An Early Devonian Origin from Marine Environment

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Marcelo R. Copeia 1 December ; 4 : — Jennifer A. ISBN Transitional sarcopterygians e.

David Norman; C lack , J. Gaining Ground. The Origin and Evolution of Tetrapods. Bloomington, Indianapolis: Indiana University Press. ISBN 0 Geological Magazine ;; 4 : —

There was a problem with your download, please contact the server administrator. Around million years ago, a distant relative of a modern lungfish began a most extraordinary adventure—emerging from the water and laying claim to the land. Over the next 70 million years, this tentative beachhead had developed into a worldwide colonization by ever-increasing varieties of four-limbed creatures known as tetrapods, the ancestors of all vertebrate life on land. This new edition of Jennifer A. Clack's groundbreaking book tells the complex story of their emergence and evolution.

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    Gaining Ground, Second Edition: The Origin and Evolution of Tetrapods Read Online · Download PDF The reason for this is that after about million years of earlier evolution, the vertebrates—animals with backbones—had produced.

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    5, issue 2, book review 3: 3pp., 95KB; Gaining Ground – The Origin and Evolution of Tetrapods by Michael D. Gottfried by Jennifer A.