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work and life the end of the zero sum game pdf

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HBR OnPoint articles save you time by enhancing an original Harvard Business Review article with an overview that draws out the main points and an annotated bibliography that points you to related resources. This enables you to scan, absorb, and share the management insights with others.

Below are the available bulk discount rates for each individual item when you purchase a certain amount. Publication Date: November 01, Using actual examples from front-line managerial situations, this article explains and explores three work-life principles executives can adopt to create wins for their organizations and individual employees.

Work and life: the end of the zero-sum game

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Managers on the front lines are using three principles to benefit their organizations and individual employees alike. But the unprecedented need for committed workers is leading companies to rethink the traditional assumptions. Managers are discovering that when they treat the work life and the personal life as complementary priorities instead of competing ones, employees respond with greater effort and loyalty. How can you help employees find personal fulfillment in ways that advance organizational goals? By applying three mutually reinforcing strategies:.

Work and Life: The End of the Zero-Sum Game (HBR OnPoint Enhanced Edition)

Most companies view work and personal life as competing priorities in a zero-sum game, in which a gain in one area means a loss in the other. From this traditional perspective, managers decide how their employees' work and personal lives should intersect and often view work-life programs as just so much social welfare. A new breed of managers, however, is trying a new tack, one in which managers and employees collaborate to achieve work and personal objectives to everyone's benefit. These managers are guided by three principles. The first is to clearly inform their employees about business priorities and to encourage them to be just as clear about personal priorities. The second is to recognize and support their employees as whole people, not only acknowledging but also celebrating their roles outside the office. The third is to continually experiment with the way work gets done, looking for approaches that enhance the organization's performance and allow employees to pursue personal goals.

Zero-Sum Game

Show all documents Its strategic variable affects only the subsidies, and does not affect choice of strategies by the n players in the main game. His objective function is the opposite of the sum of the payoffs of the n players. We will show 1 The minimax theorem by Sion Sion implies the existence of Nash equilibrium in the n players non zero - sum game.

Game theory provides a mathematical framework for analyzing the decision-making processes and strategies of adversaries or players in different types of competitive situations. The simplest type of competitive situations are two-person, zero-sum games. These games involve only two players; they are called zero-sum games because one player wins whatever the other player loses. Consider the simple game called odds and evens. Suppose that player 1 takes evens and player 2 takes odds.

Returning to Tokyo in after a decade of mercenary work in the Philippines, a young John Rain learns that the killing business is now controlled by Victor, a half-Russian, half-Japanese sociopath who has ruthlessly eliminated all potential challengers. Victor gives Rain a choice: kill a government minister or die a grisly death. But the best route to the minister is through his gorgeous Italian wife, Maria, a route that puts Rain on a collision course not only with Victor but with the shadowy forces behind the Russian?

Work and Life: The End of the Zero-Sum Game (HBR OnPoint Enhanced Edition)

Despite the fact that US presidential candidates commonly position themselves as Washington outsiders, this broadly populist positioning has thus far been significantly undertheorized. On the one hand, scholars of political representation have explored how politicians connect with political audiences; on the other, populism research has focused on the construction, mainstreaming and appeal of populist performances.

Work and Life: The End of the Zero-Sum Game

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