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oil and geopolitics in the caspian sea region pdf

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During the late 19th and 20th centuries, geopolitics gained importance and became the primary factor for the determination of balance of powers in world politics. Since the phenomenon of globalization came into our lives and changed our conceptualization of the world, nation state and attributes of national power, we need a new definition of geopolitics.

Ever since Central Asian republics became independent after the collapse of the Soviet Union, oil and gas resources have been instrumental in helping them take part in the process of globalization. This article provides an overview of the way this has created both opportunities for and obstacles to political change in the region. The first part investigates the relationship between oil, gas, and state-building in the new geopolitical context that emerged in the s. The second part examines the geo-economic opportunities created in the s to unlock the area through regional energy cooperation. The third and last part assesses the impact of oil and gas revenues on domestic policy and transition to democracy in the s.

Berkeley Program in Soviet and Post-Soviet Studies

In the early s, energy companies around the world began to realize the enormity of the still-untapped oil and natural gas reserves of the Caspian Sea basin, igniting a scramble to develop new extraction and transport networks to bring these resources to the world market. The result has transformed the region into a fulcrum of geopolitical interaction: Azerbaijan and Kazakhstan have formulated long-term plans to use the anticipated windfall of "petro dollars" from their reserves; the United States and Russia have vied to influence the placement of pipeline routes; and attention to the region's resources has increased pressure on disputes between Armenia and Azerbaijan over Nagorno-Karabakh, Russia and Georgia over Abkhazia, and Russia and Chechnya. And all of these developments are unfolding against a backdrop of deepening ecological problems: the condition of the Black Sea, Turkish concerns over oil tankers travelling through the Bosporous Straits, the legacy of Soviet oil production in Azerbaijan, and the crisis of the Caspian Sea resulting from its unresolved legal status. This is a report from a conference held in that addressed: the relation between energy policies, ecological problems, and regional political dynamics in the contemporary Caucasus and Caspian Basin. The outcome of these struggles to influence regional energy policies will shape the long-term prospects for energy, ecological, and political stability on a global level. Skip to main content.

The Geopolitics of Caspian Energy

The conventional literature on the commons involves small, local resources such as coastal fisheries, community forestry, small-scale irrigation, and community pasture. We focus on conflict and cooperation in the Caspian Sea — a global commons — involving five claimant countries as well as interests of major powers the United States, European Union, and China. In the North Caspian Sea, competing claimant countries — Russia, Kazakhstan, and Azerbaijan — have agreed to cooperate and solve their differences over ownership of oil fields. In contrast, claimants in the South Caspian Sea — Azerbaijan, Iran, and Turkmenistan — have failed to cooperate despite decades of trying. Using analytic narratives, we suggest that politics or strategic calculations could help explain these two different outcomes. In making these calculations, countries will act in their rational self-interest, given the prospects of international anarchy.

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The New Geopolitical Order in The BSEC Region

The Caspian Sea region is important to world energy markets because it holds large reserves of undeveloped oil and natural gas. In order to fully utilize these resources several challenges need to be addressed. This study examines these four obstacles. Oxford University Press is a department of the University of Oxford. It furthers the University's objective of excellence in research, scholarship, and education by publishing worldwide.

The Geopolitics of Caspian Energy

The New Geopolitical Order in The BSEC Region

The Caspian Sea region is important to world energy markets because it holds large reserves of undeveloped oil and natural gas. In order to fully utilize these resources several challenges need to be addressed. This study examines these four obstacles. Most users should sign in with their email address. If you originally registered with a username please use that to sign in.

It seems that you're in Germany. We have a dedicated site for Germany. The Caspian-Caucasus region has received considerable attention over the past eight years. The old potential of this colossal territory is so significant that the analytical centres of the world's largest oil and refining companies consider it to be more long-term than the unstable Persian Gulf. The Politics of Caspian Oil is a collection of essays presenting the results of recent research, which should serve as a reference book for the politics of Caspian oil.

Defining Geopolitics, Caspian Sea Region and Energy Security. 8. 1. cwa13301.org 1 David Hoffman, “Azerbaijan: The Politicization of Oil,” in Energy and Conflict in.

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