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Log in Register. This absorbing collection of essays subjects such popular commentators as Thomas Friedman, Samuel Huntington, Robert Kaplan, and Dinesh D'Souza to cold, hard scrutiny and finds that their writing is often misleadingly simplistic, culturally ill-informed, and politically dangerous.

Mixing critical reflection with insights from their own fieldwork, twelve distinguished anthropologists respond by offering fresh perspectives on globalization, ethnic violence, social justice, and the biological roots of behavior.

They take on such topics as the collapse of Yugoslavia, the consumer practices of the American poor, American foreign policy in the Balkans, and contemporary debates over race, welfare, and violence against women.

In the clear, vigorous prose of the pundits themselves, these contributors reveal the hollowness of what often passes as prevailing wisdom and passionately demonstrate the need for a humanistically complex and democratic understanding of the contemporary world.

Available: November Pub Date: January Full Access. Purchase this item. Product Information. Chapters in this book 18 Frontmatter. Globalization And Thomas Friedman. Extrastate Globalization Of The Illicit. Anthropology And The Bell Curve. Suggested Further Reading.

The Lexus and the Olive Tree (Summary)

Friedman was among the most perceptive, intelligent commentators on the world scene at the end of the twentieth century. His frequent appearances on television news programs added to his reputation as a persuasive and often puckish analyst of foreign affairs. Many other observers have discussed the subtleties of globalization that are sweeping economies of nations large and small, but Friedman does so with verve and insight. While some parts of the book celebrate the positive results that globalization is bringing, there are sobering passages as well in which Friedman warns of the potential dangers to humanity from unbridled change. This volume provides a superb introduction to the ways in which technology and economic modernization are transforming the human condition. Even the smallest final details of completing the vehicle were done with robots.

The Lexus and the Olive Tree. Read the Review. What was it that Forrest Gump's mama liked to say? For me, an inveterate traveler and foreign correspondent, life is like room service—you never know what you're going to find outside your door. Take for instance the evening of December 31, , when I began my assignment as the foreign affairs columnist for The New York Times. I started the column by writing from Tokyo, and when I arrived at the Okura Hotel after a long transpacific flight, I called room service with one simple request: "Could you please send me up four oranges. It seemed to me a simple enough order when I telephoned it in, and the person on the other end seemed to understand.

The Lexus and the olive tree

Friedman has traveled to the four corners of the globe, interviewing people from all walks of contemporary life — Brazilian peasants in the Amazon rain forest, new entrepreneurs in Indonesia, Islamic students in Teheran, and the financial wizards on Wall Street and in Silicon Valley. Now Friedman has drawn on his years on the road to produce an engrossing and original look at the new international system that, more than anything else, is shaping world affairs today: globalization. His argument can be summarized quite simply. Globalization is not just a phenomenon and not just a passing trend.

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Vision for the New Millennium. Friedman, the Pulitzer Prize-winning foreign affairs columnist for The New York Times , offers an engrossing look at the new international system that is transforming world affairs today. Globalization has replaced the Cold War system with the integration of capital, technology, and information across national borders—uniting Brazilian peasants, Indonesian entrepreneurs, Chinese villagers, and Silicon Valley technocrats in a single global village. You cannot understand the morning news, know where to invest your money, or think about the future unless you understand this new system, which is profoundly influencing virtually every country in the world today. Friedman tells you what this electronic global economy is all about and what it will take to live within it.

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With an OverDrive account, you can save your favorite libraries for at-a-glance information about availability. Find out more about OverDrive accounts. Thomas L. In the wake of the horrific terrorist attacks against the World Trade Center in New York and the Pentagon in Washington there is a nearly universal response: "How could such a thing happen? In describing the worldview that permits and encourages the use of violence against American civilians, Friedman identifies a scorching resentment of U.

PDF | On Jan 17, , E. Hertz and others published On the lexus and the olive tree, by Thomas L. Friedman | Find, read and cite all the research you need on.

The Lexus and the Olive Tree: Understanding Globalization

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Friedman that posits that the world is currently undergoing two struggles: the drive for prosperity and development, symbolized by the Lexus LS , and the desire to retain identity and traditions, symbolized by the olive tree. Friedman explains " globalization " by recounting stories of his actual experiences in interfacing with many of the global movers and shakers. He proposes that "globalization is not simply a trend or fad but is, rather, an international system.

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