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an analysis of vendor selection systems and decisions dickson pdf

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New Challenges, New Approaches pp Cite as. The present paper proposes an evaluation model able to integrate the selection phase with the monitoring and the continuous analysis of the vendor performances. The vendor evaluation process is realised through an opportune methodology which puts beside qualitative judgements i.

Therefore, the purpose of this study is to explore these criteria based on a framework in which an integrated approach of qualitative and quantitative was employed. Next, a prequestionnaire was built and sent to some practitioners and experts for their revision. The findings of the study suggest that there are eight supplier selection criteria including Quality, Cost, Delivery, Service, Capability, Company's image, Relationship, and Sourcing country.

Supplier Performance Management in Context of Size and Sector Characteristics of Enterprises

Skip to search form Skip to main content You are currently offline. Some features of the site may not work correctly. Cheraghi and L. Cheraghi , L. Whitman Published Many companies have changed their focus from short-term purchasing transactions to supply chain management, concentrating on developing long-term relations with suppliers. Thus, selecting a supplier commits the organization and its resources to an outsider for a long time, and any mistake in this selection adversely affects the stability of the organization.

The analysis occurs in a decision support system environment. An additional flexibility of this model is that it allows a varying number of suppliers into the solution, and provides suggested volume allocation by supplier. Weber, C. Report bugs here. Please share your general feedback.

This article investigates the importance of the supplier management process in the quality of the final product. A methodology is developed to analyze the variables involved in the supplier management process and it is illustrated with a case study of the chair manufacturing industry. Research results indicate that the supplier selection process appears to be the most significant variable as it helps in achieving high quality products and customer satisfaction. This paper shows the different analytical steps that arise naturally in the systematic categorization of variables for supplier management. Nine variables related to the supplier selection process were analyzed. Each of these variables was then evaluated through an experimental design using statistical information based on three factors, namely, quality, cost and productivity.

Application of TOPSIS Method to Green Supplier Selection for a Thai OTOP Producer

Purpose: The paper deals with the differences of supplier performance management characteristics by different size of the enterprises and sectors of industry. The results are analyzed by the tests of Chi-square statistics. Findings: The results show that the enterprises differ in the criteria of the selection of the supplier, frequency of supply evaluation and providing feedback to the suppliers about their performance according to their sector industry. In terms of the size of the enterprises, differences were found only in the evaluation of suppliers and evaluation feedback. Enterprises did not differ in quality control of the deliveries.

Supplier Selection Using Multi‐objective Programming: A Decision Support System Approach

Technology Systems and Management pp Cite as. Supplier selection is a multicriteria problem which includes both qualitative and quantitative factors. In order to select the best suppliers it is necessary to make a Trade off between these tangible and intangible factors.

This paper presents a review of decision criteria reported in the literature for supporting the supplier selection process. The review is based on an extensive search in the academic literature. After a literature review of decision criteria, we discuss the most important criteria: quality. Then different methods and factors for assessing the quality of supplier are discussed.

In recent years, the level of consciousness and awareness of environmental problems is increasingly concerned by society, businesses and governments globally. In order to decrease hazardous environment effects, a number of organizations have been forced to improve and diminish the harmful impact of business activities in terms of production, consumption and purchasing behavior which may affect the environment. Despite environmental concern, several consumers are also willing to pay more for environmental benefits.

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Criteria for Supplier Selection in Textile and Apparel Industry : A Case Study in Vietnam

Authors: Ayse Gecer , Nihal Erginel. Keywords: Calibration , questionnaire , criteria of calibration supplier selection , calibration supplier selection. Commenced in January Frequency: Monthly. Edition: International. Paper Count: Calibration suppliers are in the service sector and therefore the calibration supplier selection is becoming a worthy topic for improving service quality.

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A Review of Quality Criteria Supporting Supplier Selection

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