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Piercing, punching and blanking are three common machining processes that are used to manipulate raw metal, such as sheet metal. All three processes require the use of a machine, which in some way deforms or alters the physical properties of the raw metal. While similar, though, piercing, punching and blanking have different functions. Piercing is a shearing process in which raw metal is pierced with a machining tool, resulting in the creation of a circular or other shaped hole. As the raw metal is pierced, the metal from the newly created hole is considered scrap.

Blanking and piercing

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The different types of sheet metal operations can fall under two different categories: cutting operations and forming operations. Simply put, cutting operations cause the sheet metal to be stressed beyond its ultimate strength therefore breaking its structure and separating into different parts. Shearing is the process of separating the sheet metal into two or more pieces, normally by cutting along a line. Commonly used to cut into rectangular shapes but can produce other shaped parts. Blanking is the process of cutting out a predefined shape from the sheet metal; the part that is punched out is known as the blank and is the required product, the metal left behind is waste. Fine blanking is similar but provides more accuracy, with smooth edges and no distortion by applying clamping force and using small and close tolerances. Punching is the same process as blanking, but the required product is the metal left behind, rather than the part that is punched out.

In sheet metal, this question always creates some confusion. What is the difference between punching blanking and piercing? Punching blanking and piercing are sheet metal shearing operations to modify existing blank. Similar machines but different punch and die are used to perform these operations. In this article, we will discuss how blanking punching and piercing operations are different from one another. As shown in below image, The blanking is a sheet metal cutting process that is used to manufacture an enclosed sheet metal part from a large piece of sheet metal by the application of high shear force. As a result of the blanking process, the blank part is a finished product.

Show all documents Design and Analysis of Blanking and Piercing die punch In this project a die punch for blanking and piercing operation is designed and analysed for component. The theoretical calculations were done for calculating cutting force, tonnage required, fatigue life and stresses. The 3D models created in Catia-V5 and analysis is done on Ansys The main objective of the project is to improve productivity and reduce production cost. The exiting cycle time for blanking and piercing operation is approximately four minutes which manufacturing cost is around six rupees. After implementation of this project we can expect the cycle time will be 30 to 40 secs and cost will be around 1.

Is There a Difference Between Blanking & Punching?

Punching or blanking is a process in which the punch removes a portion of material from the larger piece or a strip of sheet metal. If the small removed piece is the useful part and the rest is scrap, the operation is called blanking. It is a process by which a hole is cut or torn in metal. It is different from punching in that piercing does not generate a abnb.

Press working operations are also known as Sheet Metal Operations. The operations performed on the sheets to get the required shape is called Sheet metal operations. In the last article, we had discussed Types of dies and Types of fits which are performed on Sheet metal to get the required shape.

Blanking and piercing are shearing processes in which a punch and die are used to produce parts from coil or sheet stock. Blanking produces the outside features of the component, while piercing produces internal holes or shapes. The web is created after multiple components have been produced and is considered scrap material.

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Difference Between Blanking, Punching & Piercing in Sheet Metal

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Blanking and piercing

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    If the sheared off part is the one required, the processes referred to as blanking and if the remaining part in the sheet is the one required, the process is referred to as piercing.

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