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Meeting energy demands and generating profit to shareholders is a continuous quest for oil and gas companies. Production and business planning in integrated oil and gas operating companies is a complex process involving numerous organizations, historic data collection, modeling, prediction, and forecasting. Integrated business planning complexity intensifies due to the uncertain nature of past facts and future conditions.

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Oil & Gas Value Chains

Upstream — Exploration and Production. Midstream — Transportation and Storage. Downstream — Refining and Retail Markets. Companies in the midstream sector are typically involved in transportation of hydrocarbon. The various modes of transportation include pipelines, maritime, rail and road transportation, depending on the type of product being transported. These companies generally conduct seismic surveys to assess fields for the potential presence of hydrocarbon reserves.

Soon after they have established the presence of hydrocarbons within a particular block, they devise a suitable FDP. The upstream companies may recover partial or no investment.

Involves companies having employees on their payroll and contracting their work to external contractors during peak work periods such as drilling campaigns etc. Upstream companies carefully plan to utilize their resources to ensure maximum profitability, through various means as listed below:.

These companies help in the construction, maintenance and monitoring of infrastructure in proven oilfields. This gave rise to a new set of companies that provide oilfield services. Oilfield services could include individual services such as well services well construction and completion equipment , supplying of mud, chemicals etc. The oilfield services companies perform many field-level services ranging from characterization, drilling, completions to any interventions that may be required.

Each of these broad services are further classified and a brief snapshot is shown below. The midstream sector companies transport produced hydrocarbons from upstream companies to downstream companies, who in turn, refine and sell the derived products to the end customers. The activities of the midstream industry include transportation, processing, and storing of hydrocarbons such as natural gas, oil, and natural gas liquids NGLs.

Each one of these energy commodities has its own linked set of midstream assets designed to maximize the value of every barrel that comes out of the ground. In the case of onshore production, land transportation consists of sets of pipelines, trucks and rail.

Natural Gas Gathering: Natural gas generally flows at a much higher pressure than crude oil. Hence, it is transported via large-diameter, high-pressure handling pipelines called transmission lines. Crude Oil Storage: This happens through bulk terminals, refinery tanks, holding tanks etc. These activities done by midstream companies would enable downstream companies to leverage on readily available hydrocarbons to get refined and sold to end customers. The companies in the downstream sector obtain extracted hydrocarbons from the upstream sector via the infrastructure provided by midstream companies, and refine them into derivative products.

These companies then further extend their work towards marketing the derivative products. In a refinery, crude oil is transformed into market fuels and other petroleum products. Refining refers to those processes that transform crude oil and other raw liquid hydrocarbons, into oil products, such as Petrol, Diesel or Liquefied Petroleum Gases LPG that are suitable for final consumption.

Distillation refers to the separation process whereby crude oil components are separated into several oil derivatives using their boiling points. This is usually carried out in distillation towers. Conversion refers to the cracking processes by which lower-value hydrocarbons are transformed into lighter and higher-value products. Downstream companies face the supply vs. Having joined the company not too long ago in August , he has swiftly proven himself to be an adaptable and fast-learning individual.

Outside of work, Dev can be found enjoying a good movie or TV series, or keeping up with the latest in music and disruptive technology. This production process broadly involves the workflow as shown below. Start typing and press Enter to search.

The Petroleum Sector Value Chain

Skip to search form Skip to main content You are currently offline. Some features of the site may not work correctly. Menhat Published Business. This study examines performance measurement in the oil and gas industry. The aim is to identify the prevalence of performance measures and to provide evidence of the potential impact in the usage of performance measures on organisational performance. The study investigates the links between organisational strategies, choice of performance measures, and organisational performance. Save to Library.

III – Identification of human rights issues in the global oil & gas value chain. 18 content/uploads//03/equator_principles_cwa13301.org The Working Group wishes.

Oil and Gas Value Chain – by Dev Aravind

The terms upstream, midstream and downstream are often used to refer to the major sectors or operational components of the petroleum industry. The upstream sector involves the exploration for and extraction of petroleum crude oil and natural gas. Midstream operations are sometimes included in the downstream category. The downstream sector involves the refining of petroleum crude oil and the processing of raw natural gas.

Skip to search form Skip to main content You are currently offline. Some features of the site may not work correctly. DOI: The oil and gas industry encompasses a range of different activities and processes, which jointly contribute to the transformation of underlying petroleum resources into useable end-products valued by industrial and private customers.

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