Anti Politics Machine Development Depoliticization And Bureaucratic Power In Lesotho Pdf

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anti politics machine development depoliticization and bureaucratic power in lesotho pdf

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Starting with a devastating deconstruction of a World Bank report on Lesotho, this book presents a provocative analysis of international development aid as it was applied to one large-scale project in Lesotho's Thaba-Tseka district between and The book comes to two main conclusions. First is that the distinctive discourse and conceptual apparatus of development experts, although good for keeping development agencies in business, screen out and ignore most of the political and historical facts that actually explain Third World poverty-since these realities suggest that little can be accomplished by apolitical "development" interventions.

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The Anti-Politics Machine

Skip to search form Skip to main content You are currently offline. Some features of the site may not work correctly. DOI: Ferguson Published Geography, Political Science. Part 1 Introduction. Part 2 The development apparatus: conceptual apparatus - the constitution of the object of "development" - Lesotho as "less developed country" institutional apparatus - the Thaba-Tseka development project.

Lohmann, L. The Ecologist. This essay by James Ferguson and Larry Lohmann looks at the success of development in developing areas by first world nations. They look at Lesotho, a place considered by many to be untouched by modern economic development but has rapid population growth. There is a different perception between people who are a part of the local community in Lesotho and outsiders, regarding the needs of the area. Many locals do not believe that Lesotho has been isolated from the world economy and the picture of the region constructed by the development agencies is nothing like the reality.

The anti-politics machine: 'development' and bureaucratic power in Lesotho

This book is a critique of the concept of "development" in general, viewed through the lens of failed attempts, specifically the Thaba-Tseka Development Project in Lesotho from — He writes about the countless "development agencies" that have their hand in the so-called " Third World " but points out the consistent failure of these agencies to bring about any sort of economic stability. This is what Ferguson calls the "development discourse fantasy", which arises from backward logic. He referred to this process with the neologism " governmentality " governmental rationality. One of the last of these new applied sciences was the "development apparatus", the post-world war extension of colonial rule after the independence of third world states. Ferguson utilized the governmentality framework in The Anti-Politics Machine: "Development," Depoliticization and Bureaucratic Power in Lesotho , [4] the first in many similar explorations.

American Journal of Sociology 96 6 : , The politics and anti-politics of the global fund experiment: understanding partnership and bureaucratic expansion in Uganda. Medical Anthropology 33 3 : , Clustering as Anti-politics Machine? Regional Studies 43 3 : , The 'Anti-politics machine' in India: depoliticisation through local institution building for participatory watershed development. Journal of Development Studies 43 6 : ,

The Anti-Politics Machine: "Development," Depoliticization, And Bureaucratic Power In Lesotho

Development, it is generally assumed, is good and necessary, and in its name the West has intervened, implementing all manner of projects in the impoverished regions of the world. When these projects fail, as they do with astonishing regularity, they nonetheless produce a host of regular and unacknowledged effects, including the expansion of bureaucratic state power and the translation of the political realities of poverty and powerlessness into "technical" problems awaiting solution by "development" agencies and experts. It is the political intelligibility of these effects, along with the process that produces them, that this book seeks to illuminate through a detailed case study of the workings of the "development" industry in one country, Lesotho, and in one "development" project.

Coming soon. The importance of Ferguson's book is that it exerts a decisive wrench away from evaluation of the success or failure of development projects in their own terms and towards an analysis of what development does, who does it, and whom it actually benefits. Ferguson not only shows the bureaucratic logic of the misrepresentation of Lesotho but the pernicious political and economic consequences of this misrepresentation. Development, it is generally assumed, is good and necessary, and in its name the West has intervened, implementing all manner of projects in the impoverished regions of the world.

The anti-politics machine :

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