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plate heat exchangers design applications and performance pdf

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Plate Heat Exchangers: Design, Applications and Performance

To browse Academia. Skip to main content. By using our site, you agree to our collection of information through the use of cookies. To learn more, view our Privacy Policy. Log In Sign Up. Download Free PDF. Optimal design of plate-and-frame heat exchangers for efficient heat recovery in process industries. Download PDF. A short summary of this paper. Energy 36 e Contents lists available at ScienceDirect Energy journal homepage: www.

Tovazhnyansky a, Petro O. Kapustenko a, Gennadiy L. The optimal design of a multi-pass plate-and-frame heat Received in revised form exchanger with mixed grouping of plates is considered. The optimizing variables include the number of 9 March passes for both streams, the numbers of plates with different corrugation geometries in each pass, and Accepted 10 March Available online 20 April the plate type and size. To estimate the value of the objective function in a space of optimizing variables the mathematical model of a plate heat exchanger is developed.

To account for the multi-pass arrangement, the heat exchanger is presented as a number of plate packs with co- and counter-current Keywords: Plate heat exchanger directions of streams, for which the system of algebraic equations in matrix form is readily obtainable.

These parameters are reported for a number of industrially manufactured plates. The described approach is implemented in software for plate heat exchangers calculation. All rights reserved.

New challenges arise [7], Tovazshnyansky et al. There is and tubes units. PHEs have a number of advantages over shell and a requirement to consider minimal temperature differences in heat tube heat exchangers, such as compactness, low total cost, less exchangers of reasonable size, see Fodor et al. Its application not accessibility, and what is very important for energy saving, a close only as a separate item of equipment, but as an elements of a heat temperature approach e down to 1 K.

The heat required when ordering the equipment, when proprietary software transfer surface area can be changed discretely with a step equal to of PHE manufacturers is used, but also at the design stage by the heat transfer area of one plate. All major producers of PHEs process engineer. E-mail address: arsenyev kpi. The thermal and hydraulic performance of a PHE with plates of 2 sodrut gmail. Arsenyeva et al. However, we can adhere to the conclusion made transfer was made by Focke [9].

The optimal design of a PHE by earlier by Bassiouny and Martin [25], based on analytical study of adjusting corrugation pattern on plate surface was reported by velocity and pressure distribution in both the intake and exhaust Wang and Sunden [10]. They have estimated correlations for heat transfer and Kukulka and Devgun [26].

However the design should take account hydraulic resistance from available literature data. Wright velocities. They concluded that critical number can be approximated after the plate rearrangement has been made, of plates is dependent on the required accuracy of performance, for using the existing PHE performance data. Their method can help example, 19 can be recommended for an inaccuracy of only 2.

Kanaris, Mouza and dures was presented by Shah and Focke [28] and Shah and Wan- Paras [14] have estimated parameters in correlations for Nusselt niarachchi [29]. However, their results are still a long way from hydraulic performance of commercial plates 3 less rigorous practical application. Quite pattern is achieved by combining chevron-plates with different recently even more sophisticated models and methodologies for corrugation inclination angle in one PHE.

The design approach and PHEs were developed, as e. These models account for dynamic behaviour of pass counter-current arrangement of PHE channels. A one pass PHEs and distribution of local parameters. But it is achieved with different level Until the s, the proper adjustment of the number of passes of success in terms of material and cost for production. The plate, was the only way to satisfy the required heat load and pressure which is the best for certain process conditions, should be selected drops in PHE consisting of plates of a certain type.

But, for unsymmetrical passes, the problem of available alternative options of plates with different geometrical diminishing effective temperature differences has arisen. Most of characteristics. To satisfy requirements of different process condi- the authors which have proposed design methods for PHEs have tions any PHE manufacturer is producing not just one plate type, used LMTD correction factors see e.

Cocks [16], Kumar [17], but the sets of different types of plates. To make a right selection we Zinger, Barmina and Taraday [18]. Initially such correction factors need the mathematical model of PHE to estimate performance of could be taken from handbooks on heat exchanger design.

After the different alternative options. Using This paper presents a computer aided approach for PHE thermal a matrix algorithm and the chain rule, Pignotti and Tamborenea and hydraulic design, based on evaluation of different alternative [20] developed a computer program to solve the system of linear options for available set of heat transfer plates. These and other similar formulas can process conditions.

The generalized matrix formula to account for be found in books on heat exchangers thermal design, e. The main assump- PHE is proposed. The solution of this problem is implemented as passes can be accounted for in the design by solving the system of computer software. Two case studies for different PHE applications algebraic equations, as was proposed by Tovazshnyansky et al. Mathematical modelling of PHE where dt1i e temperature drop in block i; Dti e the temperature difference of streams entering block i.

In multi-pass PHE, the plates are arranged in such a way that they that case the physical meaning of eb and NTUb are different, as form groups of parallel channels. An example is shown in Fig. After substituting this into the Equation 4 and rearranging we obtain: With these assumptions PHE can be regarded as a system of one pass blocks of plates.

The change of hot tions with 6 unknown variables dt1, dt2,. Here i e row number; j e column number. L type plates have a lower angle about! This design technique allows the thermal and hydraulic performance of a plates pack to be The total heat load of PHE is: changed with a level of discreteness equal to one plate in a pack.

In one PHE two groups of channels are usually used. After mixing in the collector part of. The streams velocities are calculated as: ship between variables which characterize a PHE and the heat transfer process contained within the PHE.

In modern PHEs plates of one type are usually made with two Fig. Channels formed by combining plates of different corrugation geometries: different corrugation angles, which can form three different a Channel L formed by L-plates; b Channel M formed by L- and H-plates; c Channel H channels, when assembled in PHE, as shown in Fig. It does not permit analytical solution required process conditions.

The basis of the developed and Sunden [10]. The plates can be made of stainless steels, in PHE are limiting the space of possible solutions. Usually in one titanium and other even more expensive alloys and metals. All PHE three possible types of channel can be used. The plates constitute the heat get: transfer area of PHE and there is strong dependence between the cost of PHE and its heat transfer area.

We should presented in previous chapter by Equations 1 e The system is solved by standard utility programs. The procedure can be applied to all available for design plate types. The algorithm outlined above is inevitably leading to the best In the PHE the numbers of channels and their form for both solution for any number NT of available plate types Tpl.

It is imple- sides must be the same, or differ only on 1 channel: mented in developed software for IBM compatible PC. Such tests are made for Nu1;2 every type of new developed plates and inter-plate channels. Plotted in logarithmic coordinates it enables to estimate The computer programs for thermal and hydraulic design of parameters A and n in correlation To determine these PHEs in result of calculations give the information about following parameters Least Squares method can be used.

If the value of n parameters of designed heat exchanger: Q e heat load, W; t11, t12 e much different from initially assumed 0. One set of such data can Using these equations the values of friction factors for hot and be regarded as a result of experiment with calculated PHE. It gives the relation between fric- physical properties of streams.

From this relation parameters The PHE thermal design is based on empirical correlations A and m are easily obtained using List Squares method. All numerical experiments made for water as both streams. The geometrical parameters of plates and inter-plate channels are given at Table 1. The ature at hot side: results for heat transfer calculations according to described above procedure are presented on Fig.

The values of these parameters are presented in Table 2. At cold side The friction factor data are presented on Fig. Error analysis N6M O 0. N10B O 0. Case studies L 0. The second is taken from paper of Wang and Sunden [10]. The calculations are made with the developed soft- 1. Two more examples of calculations with this software are and are as follows: density e

PDF Download Plate Heat Exchangers: Design Applications and Performance PDF Online

Valencia, Spain. Authors : L. Heat exchangers are important and used frequently in the processing, heat and power, air-conditioning and refrigeration, heat recovery, transportation and manufacturing industries. Such equipment is also important in electronics cooling and for environmental issues like thermal pollution, waste disposal and sustainable development. The present book concerns plate heat exchangers PHEs , which are one of the most common types in practice. The overall objectives are to present comprehensive descriptions of such heat exchangers and their advantages and limitations, to provide in-depth thermal and hydraulic design theory for PHEs, and to present state-of-the-art knowledge.

PDF | Redesigning of a system is a modification of existing system for reducing the disadvantages over the system and Performance Improvement and Cost Reduction in design theory of plate heat exchangers, as a tool to increase heat.

Design and Operation of Heat Exchangers

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Such equipment is also important in electronics cooling and for environmental issues like thermal pollution, waste disposal and sustainable development. The overall objectives are to present comprehensive descriptions of such heat exchangers and their advantages and limitations, to provide in-depth thermal and hydraulic design theory for PHEs, and to present state-of-the-art knowledge. Material issues plates, gaskets, brazing materials and manufacturing methods are also treated.

Modeling and Design of Plate Heat Exchanger

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Optimal design of plate-and-frame heat exchangers for efficient heat recovery in process industries

Clip-on gaskets. Gaskets are used to tighten the plates of the heat exchangers. They also have specific features to enhance safety, such as a safety groove in the seal chamber. Should a leakage occur anywhere on the gasket, it is visible from the outside of the unit, thereby preventing the risk of cross contamination between product and media.

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PDF | Temperature and pressure limitations: An important limitation of PHEs is related to The plate-and-frame or gasketed plate heat exchanger essentially consists applications, but are now used in many applications in the chemical, petroleum, HVAC, cations), and better heat transfer performance.

Proceedings of the EUROTHERM Seminar No. 18, February 27 – March 1 1991, Hamburg, Germany

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