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Use the form below to search for your specific query. Being compliant with fire safety regulations is a legal responsibility.

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Fire Safety Product Catalogue

Article Content. PDF Article Part 1 General Provisions. This Standard is enacted pursuant to Article 6. Items of the above-mentioned fire safety equipments that need approval and the necessary documents will be determined by the central fire regulating authority otherwhere.

Terms used in this Standard are defined as follows: 1. Multi-purpose building: refers to a building that has two or more purposes as listed in Articles The judgment basis shall be determined by the central fire regulating authority other where. High risk working place: a place where the warehouse storing common flammable solid substances is higher than 5. Low risk working place: a place where there are flammable substance, but the quantity is few, the burning extends small, and the burning velocity low, and only able to cause minor fire.

Refuge indicating lamp: an indicating lamp that indicates refuge exit or direction. An effective opening as mentioned in Article 4. The distance between the lower end of the opening and the floor is less than cm. A passage with the opening facing toward the road or with width more than 1m.

There is no barrier on the opening and no construction or stumbling block encumbering refuge inside the passage. The opening can be opened from outside or easily broken for entering the room. The thickness should be less than 6 millimeter if the opening is window or door made by glass. An unit of occupancy that is partitioned from another by no-opening walls and floor with performance higher than one-hour fire rating pursuant to architectural technical specifications shall be regarded as another unit subject to the provisions in this Standard.

Buildings linked by corridors which meet the following requirements shall be regarded as different units of occupancy. The corridor is used only as a passageway or used for conveyance and without any obstacle when passing through it. The effective width of the corridor is less than 6m. The distance between buildings should be more than 6m for the first floor and over 10m for the second floor or above. Buildings in accordance with the followings shall be exempted from the restrictions of the previous item 3: 1.

Exterior walls and roof at a distance less than 3m to the corridor are made by fireproof structure or nonflammable materials. The previous mentioned Exterior walls and roof have no openings. But those, which have openings less than 4 m2 installed with fireproof windows or doors having performance higher than half-hour fire rating, shall be excluded. The corridor is open to air or accords with the followings: 1 Made by fireproof structure or nonflammable materials.

The opening and emmission mechines mentioned in previous 3 3 should be in accordance with the followings: 1.

The emission machine shall discharge smoke effectively and safely to the outside and shall be connected to the emergency source. Where a multi-purpose building used for places listed in Article And the total floor area shall be accounted up as a single place by unit of each subclause.

Fire safety equipments in various places include the following: 1. Fire extinguishing equipments: refer to appliances or equipments extinguish fire using water or other extinguishing mediums.

Fire alarm equipments: refer to appliances or equipments informing about occurrence of fire. Refuge and escape equipments: refer to appliances or equipments used for escape on occurrence of fire. Necessary equipments for fire rescue: refers to appliances or equipments necessary for fire fighters to fight the fire. Other fire safety equipments recognized by the central regulating authority. Fire extinguishing equipments include the following 1.

Fire extinguisher, fire sand. Indoor fire hydrant 3. Outdoor fire hydrant 4. Automatic sprinkler system 5. Water fog fire extinguishing equipments. Foam fire-extinguishing equipment. Carbon dioxide fire extinguishing equipments. Dry chemicals fire extinguishing equipments.

Simple automatic fire extinguishing equipments. Fire alarm equipments include the following: 1. Automatic fire alarm equipments. Manual alarm equipments. Emergency broadcasting equipments 4.

Automatic alarm equipments for gas leakage. Evacuation equipment includes the following: 1. Indicating equipment: exit indicating lamp, direction indicating lamp, audience indicating lamp, and indicating sign. Fire Escape Equipment: slide escape, emergency ladder, emergency bridge, escape chute, escape sling, rescue cord, sliding rod, and other fire escape equipment. Emergency lighting equipment. Necessary equipments for fire rescue include the following: 1. Connecting water-delivery pipe 2.

Fire water pool 3. Smoke control equipments smoke control equipments inside emergency elevator and special safety stairway, and indoor smoke control equipments. Emergency power socket 5. Wireless communication auxiliary equipments. Places are classified into the following categories pursuant to use and occupancy: 1. Class A 1 Movie screening venues theaters, cinemas , music halls, ballrooms, night clubs, clubs, beauty parlors tourist parlors and audio-video parlors, etc , massage parlors, video viewing halls MTV, etc , audio-visual sing-along halls KTV, etc , bars, pubs, and liquor stores clubs.

Class B 1 Bus stations, airport buildings, harbor waiting rooms 2 Future commodities agencies, stock exchange centers, and financial institutions 3 Schools classrooms, after school care centers, supplementary learning centers, training facilities, study halls, and settlement and education institutions, and vocational training institutions for the handicapped other than those set forth in Item 6 of the preceding Subparagraph.

Class C 1 Telecommunication machine room. Class D 1 High risk workplaces 2 Moderate risk workplaces 3 Low risk workplaces 5. Class E 1 Multi-purpose buildings that cater to functions prescribed in Subparagraph 1 of this Article. Other facilities declared by the central regulating authority.

On occurrence of extension, reconstruction or alteration of purposes, the standards before extension, reconstruction or alteration of purposes shall still apply all the same.

However, in case of any of the following, standards after extension, reconstruction or alteration of purposes shall govern: 1. The fire safety equipments are extinguisher, automatic fire alarm equipments, manual alarm equipments, emergency broadcasting equipments, indicating equipments, refuge appliances and emergency lightings.

The purpose of building is changed to Class A. Fire extinguisher shall be equipped in the following places: 1. Class A places, underground building, preschools. Class B, C, and D places with the total floor area not less than m2 3.

Various places located in underground floors or overground floors without openings, and the total floor area not less than 50m2. Various places where projection room, transformer, switchboard or other similar electric equipments are installed. Various places where there are boiler room, kitchen and other equipments using fire in large amount. Indoor hydrant shall be equipped in the following places: 1. Buildings less than 5 storeys: used for the purposes listed in Buildings with more than 6 storeys: used for the purposes listed in Underground buildings with a total floor area more than m2.

Underground storey or no-opening storey: used for the purposes listed in In the above-mentioned places where the indoor hydrant shall be equipped, if equipments like automatic sprinkler with aided sprinkler , water fog, foam, carbon dioxide, dry chemicals extinguishing equipments or outdoor hydrant have been installed pursuant to this Standard, it is allowable that indoor hydrant is not installed in the effective range of the foresaid equipments.

Where there is an outdoor hydrant, it is allowable that indoor hydrant is not installed on the first and the second floor in the effective range of the foresaid outdoor hydrant if the horizontal distance of the first floor is less than 40 m and the walk distance of the second floor less than 40m.

Outdoor hydrant shall be equipped in the following places: 1. High risk working place which floor area of the first floor and the second floor of the building and storage area is more than 3, square meters.

Moderate risk working place which floor area of the first floor and the second floor of the building and storage area is more than 5,m2.

Low risk working place which floor area of the first floor and the second floor of the building and storage area is more than 10,m2. The horizontal distance between the outer walls of the buildings that are located in a same building base and made of wood or other flammable materials and the central line is less than 3m for the first floor and 5 m for the second floor, and the floor area of all 1st and 2nd floors is more than m2.

In the above-mentioned places where outdoor hydrant shall be equipped, if equipments like automatic sprinkler, water fog, foam, carbon dioxide, dry powder, etc have been installed under this Standard, it is allowable that outdoor hydrant is not installed in the effective range of the foresaid equipments.

Automatic sprinkler system shall be installed in the following places or storeys: 1. Buildings less than 10 storeys: used for the purposes listed in Buildings more than 10 storeys: the floor area of each storey is more than m2. Buildings more than 10 storeys used for the purposes listed in Storeys in buildings used for the purposed listed in Overhead warehouses in places used for the purposes listed in Underground buildings with the total floor area more than 1,m2.

Fire safety equipment

There are many different types of fire safety equipment. Each device is designed specifically to deal with the different classes of fire in a range of environments. Once you have an idea of the fire safety measures in your building, be sure to take a look at our fire equipment service options. We test and inspect a wide range of equipment — contact us today to request our services. Most buildings contain a variety of hand-held firefighting equipment. This range of equipment is designed to help contain small fires before they spread and become too large to control. Portable fire extinguishers are available with a number of different extinguishing agents to help you combat a flame.

UK, remember your settings and improve government services. We also use cookies set by other sites to help us deliver content from their services. You can change your cookie settings at any time. The Fire Safety Order also applies if you have paying guests, for example if you run a bed and breakfast, guesthouse or let a self-catering property. Fire safety rules are different in Scotland and Northern Ireland. You can read about how to make sure your premises are safe from fire.

Types of Fire Safety Equipment That Are Available in 2020

In the ten months since early September , MSHA has documented nine equipment fires involving Hitachi excavators and shovels and Caterpillar haul trucks, front end loaders and dozers. On September 7, , a miner received fatal burn injuries when a fire occurred on a haul truck and the manually-activated fire suppression system did not function when activated. The remaining eight equipment fires were all reported as non-injury. The manually activated fire suppression system did not function when activated during two of the eight non-injury fires and the automatic fire suppression system activated during one incident but did not extinguish the fire. Skip to main content.

Article Content. PDF Article Part 1 General Provisions.

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Fire safety equipment

Pnr activity was started in for the production of components in the field of fire fighting system, and since then the Company has been working on the Italian market, serving the main Italian companies building complete fire fighting systems. Since the early days our product range has been enlarged and modified according to the market requests and the incredible advances in the manufacturing technologies which have been possible along the years. Today Pnr has become one of the players on the world market regarding spray nozzles for industrial processes, while the fire fighting product This booklet can be obtained free of charge from any Pnr company or Pnr distributor. The following notes include most units which are likely to be used in handing of fluids. The system consists of nine base units, and supplementary units which are coherently derived from them. The coherence consists in the fact that the product, or the quotient of any two unit quantities in the system result in another unit quantity.

A critical part of any robust fire safety plan is conducting fire safety inspections on a regular basis. A fire inspection protection checklist is a report used to check the building for fire safety measures, conditions, fire safety issues, fire hazards, and adequate access to firefighting equipment. A fire protection inspection checklist helps you perform a comprehensive evaluation of your business or building fire safety hazards and measures. It should include all the information about the available fire safety measures within the property, condition of fire safety equipment, alarms, valves, pulls, switches, etc. Moreover, it needs to integrate the components that ensure building compliance with fire safety standards and codes.

Our product range of fire safety products is the largest in Northern Ireland and we have most products in stock for immediate collection or despatch. The range of products and equipment that we supply is constantly growing as new innovative products become availabe. We are proud to stock advanced, state-of-the-art equipment which in many cases provides the client with a cost effective solution to a problem.

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