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system administrator interview questions and answers 2018 pdf

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System Administrator Interview Questions: Take the Broad View

Let's solve your all query with best online networks solution. Active Directory is database service which contains all the information about object such as users, group, object, OU and computer. It enables authentication and authorization for client in a network.

Q2: Which protocol is used by Active Directory? It is use 53 port. Q4: How many records create on DNS? There are Six records create on DNS server: 1.

A and AAAA record 2. PTR record 3. SRV record 5. SOA record 6. MX record Q5: How many zones are create? There are three zones: 1. Primary zone 2. Second zone 3. DHCP stand for dynamic host configuration protocol.

It is provide automatic IP address range such as subnet, gateway etc. It uses 67 and 68 port. Port 67 and 68 Q9: What is Super Scope? A super scope is a collection of individual scope that can be managed as a single administrative unit in network. Q What is different between Window server and Window server ? Microsoft has removed dcpromo command to install Active Directory domain service from window server whereas window server is used to install.

Window server had release both 32bit and 64bit whereas window server completely released 64bit for better performance and scalability. Window server has both interfaces core and graphic it means if want to work on core so may switch core and if want to graphics mode so may switch but in Window server have both different-different installation.

Microsoft has released new version of PowerShell 3 with advance feature where window server has PowerShell 2 version. Hyper-v 3. Window server has feature that i-pad or phone can be part of domain in network. What is WDS? WDS stand for Windows deployment service. It is used to install operating system through remotely in network. There are five FSMO roles: 1. Schema role 2. Domain naming master role 3. Infrastructure role 4.

PDC Emulator role 5. RID relative infrastructure role Q In which file active directory database store and location? Group policy object is collection of group policy security settings. Gpo affects the user and computer accounts located in sites, domain and organization Units OU. There are two types of Group policy object local and non-local. Q How to take gpo backup?

Q What is DFS? Distributed File System DFS allows administrators to group shared folders located on different servers by transparently connecting them to one or more DFS namespaces. There are five types of Backup: 1. Normal Backup 2. Copy backup 3. Differential backup 4. Incremental backup 5. Daily backup Q What is different between differential and incremental backup?

Differential Backup: Differential backups copy those files that have been changed since the last full backup took place. So if a full backup was done on Day 1, Day 2's differential will copy all of the files that have changed since Day 1's backup copied everything.

Day 3's differential backup will also copy all of the files that have changed since Day 1's full copy was made Incremental Backup: Incremental backups copy all of the files that have changed since the last backup was made. They do this whether the last backup was a full one or an incremental copy.

So if a full backup was done on Day 1, Day 2's incremental will back up all of the files that have changed since Day 1. Q How to take active directory backup? Open up your command prompt by clicking Start and type "cmd" and hit enter. In your command prompt type "wbadmin start systemstatebackup -backuptarget:e:" and press enter. Note: You can use a different backup target of your choosing 3.

Type "y" and press enter to start the backup process. Q How many lookup zone in DNS? There are two lookup zone: 1. Forward lookup zone 2. Reverse lookup zone Q How many partition in Active Directory?

There four partition in Active Directory: 1. Schema partition 2. Domain partition 3. Infrastructure partition 4. Application partition Q What is structure of Active Directory?

There are two structure of Active Directory: 1. Logical structure: Domain and organization Units 2. A web server is responsible for providing a response to requests that come from users. The File Transfer Protocol FTP is a standard network protocol used for the transfer of computer files between a client and server on a computer network. Q When I am accessing website so error has shown service unavailable how to fix it? Q How many network address? Public ip address is unique in throughout world and it is paid ip address and use for WAN environment.

It provide by ISP. Private ip address is use for LAN environment and it is free of cost. Q What is range of public ip address? Class A: Q How can I set Desktop Wallpaper through group policy?

Nice post. I was checking constantly this blog and I'm impressed! Very useful information specifically the last part : I care for such information much. I was seeking this certain info for a long time. Thank you and best of luck. Correction Q What is private and public ip address? Please leave your comments Online Networks Solution. Home About Us Interview Q. Privacy Policy Contact Us. A and AAAA record. PTR record. SRV record. SOA record.

MX record. Primary zone. Second zone. Stub zone. Schema role. Domain naming master role.

Top 20 System Administrator Interview Questions and Answers (MS)

All but first questions are in random orders with some positional relevance to make it easier to follow. Answers are specifically worded to make it as simple as possible to understand without losing meaning. If you are interested in additional educational material my channel youtube. Keep in mind, you can also prepare for interview questions and answers by watching a video based of these questions below. To answer this question properly, provide any information about you that is related to System Administration position. Talk about any experience, education, or certifications. Do not speak of things that are not related, for example hobbies.

It's used to manage centralized security in domain network. Q2: Which protocol is used by Active Directory? LDAP protocol.

System Administration Interview Questions & Answers

There are a lot of opportunities from many reputed companies in the world. If you want to enrich your career and become a professional in ATG System Administrator , then visit Mindmajix - a global online training platform: " ATG System Administrator Training " This course will help you to achieve excellence in this domain. Ans: It is basically a server with the help of which the users can simply make sure of accessing the resources through the name of the nodes in the network than using the IP. It can be configured in the system for keeping a track record of IP addresses and node names.

Let's solve your all query with best online networks solution. Active Directory is database service which contains all the information about object such as users, group, object, OU and computer. It enables authentication and authorization for client in a network. Q2: Which protocol is used by Active Directory? It is use 53 port.

Are you a person with a degree in computer engineering or electrical engineering? A system administrator is a person who is responsible for the upkeep configuration and reliable operation of computer system especially multi user computer such as servers. A person who manages the operation of a computer system or particular electronic communication service.

Free system Administrator/server Admin Interview questions & Answers in PDF

Ans: In a domain, one or more computer can be a server to manage the network. On the other hand in a workgroup all computers are peers having no control on each other. In a domain, user doesn't need an account to logon on a specific computer if an account is available on the domain. In a work group user needs to have an account for every computer. In a domain, Computers can be on different local networks. In a work group all computers needs to be a part of the same local network.

While many sysadmin jobs share the same basic set of requirements, many organizations have highly specific needs, and candidates will need to tailor their answers to fit the role. For example, a certain company might have a system administrator designing and installing networks, while another might want someone who can manage and monitor online portals. Melissa Fingerhut, the director of global talent acquisition at AvePoint, a software vendor and manufacturer in Jersey City, NJ, emphasizes the need for good communication and time-management abilities. When you request an address, it asks the first server on the network, which then asks the next DNS server, and so on, until the address is found.


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NTFS is the current file system used by Windows. It offers features like security permissions to limit other users' access to folders , quotas so one user can't fill up the disk , shadowing backing up and many other features that help Windows. VOIP - Short for Voice Over Internet Protocol, a category of hardware and software that enables people to use the Internet as the transmission medium for telephone calls by sending voice data in packets using IP rather than by traditional circuit transmissions. Loopback address is A proxy server is a computer that acts as a gateway between a local network e. Proxy servers provide increased performance and security.

Explain three main features of Active Directory? Active Directory enables single sign on to access resources on the network such as desktops, shared files, printers etc. Active Directory provides advanced security for the entire network and network resources. Active Directory is more scalable and flexible for administration. What do you mean by Active Directory functional levels?

Question: can you excuse multi-dimensional array. Answering this question well can help show an interviewer that you would be a good fit for a managerial position or a position that involves workings intimately with others. Common questions in a supervisory interview. In the final analysis, you should use your best judicial decision once it comes to the personal inside information you share during an interview. Where are these linux interview questions for system administrator sexual climax from. Asking this question will help you discover which candidates have a plan of action and which ones dont. The star model is likewise suggested on brits and combined states life history websites.

System Administrator interview questions and answers.pdf

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