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application of nanotechnology in cancer therapy and imaging pdf

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Nanoparticles in Cancer Therapy: Novel Concepts, Mechanisms and Applications

Basic pathology and etiology of tumor and its microenvironment 2. EPR effect and its implication in passive targeting of nanocarrier to the tumor 3. Temperature sensitive carrier temperature directed tumor cell eradication 5. Magnetically responsive delivery into tumor environment 6. Ligands used for tumor targeting 7. Therapy targeting angiogenic potential of tumor 8.

Although cancer survival rates have remarkably increased over the past 50 years, those in late stage cancers remain low such as glioma, pancreatic cancer, liver cancer, breast cancer, etc. Global researchers are working hard to find cures for these cancers. Among several emerged technologies over the past two Among several emerged technologies over the past two decades e. Nanoparticles possess several advantages such as combination therapy, tumor targeting, controlled release, long circulation, reduced toxicity and concurrent live imaging. Nanoparticles, constructed from lipids, proteins, polymers e.

Metrics details. Radiotherapy has been an integral treatment modality for cancer. The field arose from and progressed through innovations in physics, engineering, and biology. The evolution of radiation oncology will rely on the continued adoption of advances from other fields. A new area of science that possesses the ability to impact radiation oncology is nanomedicine.

Nanotechnology Applications for Cancer Chemotherapy

In the last decades, nanotechnology-based tools started to draw the attention of research worldwide. They offer economic, rapid, effective, and highly specific solutions for most medical issues. As a result, the international demand of nanomaterials is expanding very rapidly. In medicine, various applications of nanotechnology proved their potential to revolutionize medical diagnosis, immunization, treatment, and even health care products. The loading substances can be coupled with a large set of nanoparticles NPs by many means: chemically conjugation , physically encapsulation , or via adsorption.

The papers in this special issue highlight recent advances in diverse areas of nanotechnology strategies for cancer diagnosis and therapy. In this minireview, different silica-based hybrid nanosystems and their recent applications as integrated multifunctional platforms for cancer imaging and treatment are highlighted. As clinical nanomedicine has emerged over the past two decades, phototherapeutic advancements using nanotechnology have also evolved and impacted disease management. Anti-angiogenic therapy could be useful as an alternative treatment strategy to fight against cancer in the near future. This review focuses on microfluidic synthesis of functional nanoparticles with tunable structures and properties for cancer treatment and diagnosis.

Application of nanotechnology to cancer radiotherapy

Kumar Bishwajit Sutradhar, Md. Nanoparticles are rapidly being developed and trialed to overcome several limitations of traditional drug delivery systems and are coming up as a distinct therapeutics for cancer treatment. Conventional chemotherapeutics possess some serious side effects including damage of the immune system and other organs with rapidly proliferating cells due to nonspecific targeting, lack of solubility, and inability to enter the core of the tumors resulting in impaired treatment with reduced dose and with low survival rate. Nanotechnology has provided the opportunity to get direct access of the cancerous cells selectively with increased drug localization and cellular uptake.

Recent developments in nanotechnology have provided researchers with new tools for cancer imaging and treatment. This technology has enabled the development of nanoscale devices that can be conjugated with several functional molecules simultaneously, including tumor-specific ligands, antibodies, anticancer drugs, and imaging probes. Since these nanodevices are to 1,fold smaller than cancer cells, they can be easily transferred through leaky blood vessels and interact with targeted tumor-specific proteins both on the surface of and inside cancer cells.

Cancer is one of the most deadly diseases in the world. In recent years, nanotechnology, as a unique technology, has been comprehensively applied in the therapy of cancer through diagnosis, imaging and theranostics. Additionally, with the emergence of advanced biomaterials which are capable of being applied in biomedical, research in cancer nanotechnology has made significant progress. Particularly, nanomaterials with dimensions below several hundred nanometers are intensively studied among these advanced biomaterials.

Nanotechnology Tools Used in Cancer Diagnosis

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Nanotechnology in Cancer Drug Delivery and Selective Targeting

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