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monostable and a stable multivibrator pdf

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The monostable multivibrator is also called as the one-shot multivibrator. The circuit produces a single pulse of specified duration in response to each external trigger signal. For such a circuit, only one stable state exists.

Multi-vibrator circuits refer to the special type of electronic circuits used for generating pulse signals.

What are the Important Multivibrator Circuits for Pulse Generation?

A multivibrator is an electronic circuit used to implement a variety of simple two-state [1] [2] [3] devices such as relaxation oscillators , timers and flip-flops. It consists of two amplifying devices transistors , vacuum tubes or other devices cross-coupled by resistors or capacitors. Multivibrators find applications in a variety of systems where square waves or timed intervals are required. For example, before the advent of low-cost integrated circuits, chains of multivibrators found use as frequency dividers. A free-running multivibrator with a frequency of one-half to one-tenth of the reference frequency would accurately lock to the reference frequency. This technique was used in early electronic organs, to keep notes of different octaves accurately in tune.

KK 74HCA. Dual Retriggerable Monostable. The device may also be triggered by using the CLR input positive-. Taking CLR low breaks this. If the next trigger pulse occurs during the. The external capacitor is charged to V CC in the stand-by.

555 Timer as Monostable Multivibrator

A multi vibrator which generates square waves of its own i. It is also called free ramming multivibrator. It has no stable state but only two quasi-stables half-stable makes oscillating continuously between these states. Thus it is just an oscillator since it requires no external pulse for its operation of course it does require D. C power. In such circuit neither of the two transistors reaches a stable state.

2. Monostable Multivibrator: Monostable is also called one shot multivibrator. In monostable multivibrator there is one stable state and one astable state. This.

Monostable multivibrator

A monostable multivibrator , also called a one shot or a monoflop , is a sequential logic electronic circuit that generates an output pulse. When triggered, a pulse of pre-defined duration is produced. The circuit then returns to its stable state and produces no more output until triggered again. Monostables may be considered as a biased form of multivibrator where it is stable in one state until triggered, then unstable and will return spontaneously. If repeated application of the input pulse maintains the circuit in the unstable state, it is called a retriggerable monostable.


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In a monostable multivibrator, one of the state is absolutely permanent i. When an external trigger pulse is applied to the mono-stable at appropriate point, the mono-stable changes it state from stabe state to quasi-stable state. It stays in the quasi-stable state for a predetermined length of certain interval remains there until another pulse is applied. Thus a mono stable multivibrator can not generate square wave of its own like an astable multivibrator. Only external pulse will cause if to generate the square wave. It is also called a single shot or single swing or a one shot multi vibrator. Other names are delay multi-vibrator and univibrator.

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