Piedmont Shop Stewards

 Piedmont Shop Steward List July 26 2019 

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Piedmont Approved Shop Steward List – PHL

Local 13301 President – Gwen Ivey
Executive Board
Executive Vice President Anthony Early 215-868-0849
Local Secretary Jocelyn Pace-Walton 267-298-6198
Local Treasurer Alissa Smith-Harris 215-760-8223
Chief Steward Administrative Support
Regional Chief Shop Steward Jose Rivera 570-702-2420
Administrative Chief Coordinator Robert Hersh 267-992-3184
Administrative Chief Coordinator Renee Shields 267-241-2353
Chief Shop Steward
Name Location Phone
Terez Land Lobby 267-205-7816
Dana LuCona Gates 215-298-3319
Tameka Norman POC 267-391-2261
Eliza Taylor Gates 267-259-3919
Tylanda Whitney Ramp 267-690-2672
Shop Stewards
Name Location Phone
LaToya Bolden Gates 267-904-5981
Sybil Cage Gates 609-668-1457
Kaishalee Cubero Gates 610-362-7571
Phyliss Farmer Bagroom    215-980-1650  
Ron Flemming Ramp 610-362-7394
Kevin Hardy II Bagroom 267-259-7526
Leron Irwin Ramp 757-348-2303
Tamika Lawton POC 267-333-1914
Quentin McCray Utilities 610-790-3050
Antoinette McLendon Ramp/Utilities 267-928-6594
Keith Richardson Motor Pool 267-306-0182
Andrea Taylor Gates 215-313-1193
Lamonte Williams Ramp 267-742-2437
Ashely Wray Ramp 484-860-7680
Karen Wynne-Preston Utilities 267-266-0665
    Updated 04/26/19

This list contains all approved CWA Shop Stewards. If a member requests Union Representation, we ask that you use the above list.

Gerard Schenck ( ABE)
Jose Rivera (AVP)      jose.rivera@cwa13301.org
Jeffery Mace (CRW)   jeffery.mace@cwa13301.org
David Andino (IPT) david.andino@cwa13301.org
James Potratz (ERI)  james.potratz@cwa13301.org
Greg Kozma ( MDT)
Tim Smith (SCE)  tim.smith@cwa13301.org

updated 02 June2018