22 June 2018 Quarterly Meeting Notes

Held at the Four Points by Sheraton

Meeting Called to Order by President Gwen Ivey.

Because we did not have a quorum, which is 10% of the membership, the meeting was suspended for all official union business.

A 3 hour information session followed.
President Ivey was thankful for all the support received.
We are pleased and grateful that more than three dozen members attended.
Members came from AVP, SCE, ERI and CWS!
Many Chief Stewards from both AA Mainline and Piedmont were in attendance and had an  opportunity to speak.

Topics brought up for discussion:

  1. Staff Manager does not allow enough time between scheduled tasks to do iLearnings.
  2. Bring other members to meetings, work together.
  3. PHL VP working on a chain of command where each member will work with a steward. Each Chief Steward will have an area of expertise.
  4. Crated a new trackiong system for grievances.
  5. Notary service is being planned as a free service to members.
  6. Shop Steward Pledge of confidentiality, signed by each steward and chief.
  7. New Shop Steward training and refresher training for existing shop stewards.
  8. Certificates give to Shop Stewards and Chief Stewards

It was a positive,  powerful, uplifting exchange of information.
There was a lively discussion by all members in attendance.

We had Committee sign up forms and we thank the many members who volunteered.

If you wish to volunteer, you may still do so.
Below is the list of committee openings;
please email memberservices@cwa13301.org to join.
For a description of each please follow the link here

1. Education Committee
2. Election Committee
3. Organizing Committee
4. Legislative-Political Committee
5. Membership / Mobilization Committee
6. Community Services Committee
7. Committee on Equity
8. Finance Committee
9. Health & Safety Committee
10. Next Generation (35 years old and younger)

Each committee will have a shop steward as a member.
Each committee will chose their chairperson.

The information session was completed just past 2p.m.