Hot Topic Tuesday

Address Change & Personal Info

Did You Know….

…that employees are required to keep the Company informed as to their (your) current status including but not limited to any change to their (your) current address and telephone number, name change, marital status or family status.  [Article 34 Paragraph I, page 104]

Which means, please change/correct your address and phone number and even crash pad /local address.

If you are sent an official letter to an address on file and you have moved, it is considered delivered and received (even though you have moved) because the address was not corrected.

04 December 2018

Booking Travel

Did You Know….

…that we may not use QIK/Sabre to check in or do any other work on our PNR or our guests or known travelers.

Employee Travel

It is extremely important that we follow the Travel Guide.

We quote a few selections and encourage members to read the Topics quoted.

From Newjetnet (you may search the BOLD words)

General Info – overview

Travel is a privilege, not a benefit.

Any violation of the provisions…or misconduct by any registered travelers may result in disciplinary action, including suspension or termination of employment or travel privileges.

Personal Travel – checking in

Non revenue travelers are offered several company approved flight check in options.

No other check in options or applications may be used.

You may not use Sabre (or programs that are similar to Sabre) at work or at home to check in, place yourself or a traveler on the Priority List.

Do not call the airport.

Your American ID and password are secure: do not share this information

Check In Options

Travel System / Travel Planner

Self Serve Kiosk

Ticket Counter

So, what does all that mean?

  1. You may ONLY check in with the above 3 options.
  2. You may not use QIK/Sabre to check yourself in or your guests
  3. You may not use QIK/Sabre to do ANYTHING for yourself or any guest/known traveler.
  4. You may not use an app to automate your check in.
  5. You may not work on your own PNR or that of your travelers.
  6.  You may not request or fulfill a request to check in or transfer or work on any PNR.


  • Because as Agents/CARs/CSCs we have access to tools (QIK/Sabre) that other travelers do not.
  • Fleet, Flight Crew, Admin, Reservations and about half of American employees do not have access.
  • It is considered privileged access to tools that others do not have.
  • Do not ask another person to check you in if you are not there. (by phone, text, or social media)
  • Do not use QIK/Sabre to change any reservation of a known traveler (non rev or paid)
  • Do not waive any fees for any known traveler (non rev or paid)
  • We may not use QIK/Sabre to do anything for any travel for ourselves, our guests or known travelers.

Members are subject to losing travel privileges or losing their job.


24 April 2018