A letter went out last week to all people who have volunteered to be on a committee.

Please check you mail!



Below please find Article X of the By Laws regarding Local Committees.

Please read the description of each.

If you are interested in joining a committee or have ideas for new ones please email

We will gather a list and bring to the quarterly meeting.


A. The Local shall have the following regular committees:
1. Education Committee
2. Election Committee
3. Organizing Committee
4. Legislative-Political Committee
5. Membership / Mobilization Committee
6. Community Services Committee
7. Committee on Equity
8. Finance Committee
9. Health & Safety Committee
10. Other Committees as determined by the Executive Board

B. Members of all committees shall be appointed by the President with the approval of the Executive Board; subject to the right of the Local membership to overrule such appointments.

C. Vacancies on committees shall be filled In the same manner as the original appointments.

D. A member of any Local Committee may be removed by a majority vote of the Executive Board, subject to the right of the Local members to overrule the action of the Executive Board. A committee member may also be removed by action of the Local in a membership meeting.

E. Duties of Committees:
1 Membership/Mobilization Committee: The Membership Committee shall accept or reject membership application in accordance with the By-Laws and Rules of this Local and Constitution and policies of the Union. The Committee will also work to put in place a mobilization structure that enables communications, education and action.
2 Legislative-Political Committee: The Legislative Committee shall assist in developing and pursuing the program of the Union and the Local in the Legislative field. It shall be responsible for the Local’s program to register each qualified voter.
3 Organizing Committee: The Organizing Committee shall assist the Local Officers and Stewards in organizing all members within the Local’s jurisdiction.
4 Election Committee: The Election Committee shall conduct all nominations, elections and referenda of the Local.
5 Education Committee: The Education Committee shall assist in developing the Local’s education program and, with the Local Officers, be responsible for effectuation of the Union and Local’s educational program.
6 Community Services Committee: The Community Services Committee shall assist in developing all Community Services programs.
7 Committee on Equity: The Committee on Equity shall study and report to the Local on ways and means of eliminating discrimination on the basis of sex, race, or any other basis.
8 Finance Committee:The Finance Committee shall review the financial records of the Local and make a written report annually to the Local.
9 Health & Safety Committee: The Health & Safety Committee shall study workplace health & safety issues and coordinate the Local’s efforts in joint union/management health and safety programs.


12 Apr 18