Nov 5, 2018 Exec Bd & AA Admin. Mtg

Monday  5, November

We wanted to follow up  with the concerns that were presented previously and addressed during our collaborative meetings with American Airlines Management Team

The following items were a part of our agenda:

I. Safety: This was a concern of our membership where SAFETY FIRST was suspended which was creating a hardship for our members/employees


A) Joint Safety Committee has been reinstated which includes 8 CWA representatives/ employees for 5 areas (A-West, A-East, B-C and F concourse), and 2 additional representatives/employees will be added soon.

B) Joint Safety Committee currently meet 2X a month where they are deployed for 1 hour to discuss safety concerns/issues. These meetings are outlines as follows:

1. American Airlines Management/ CWA representatives and Vendors meet 1x a month to discuss safety issues

2. American Airlines Management and CWA representatives meet 1x a month to discuss safety issues

II) Mandatory Overtime/ IROPS:  This was a big concern of our membership that mandatory overtime was not implemented per JCBA.


A)  Mandatory Workshop was set up with 3 AA managers and 3 CWA representatives where they sat down for 2-3 sessions and read the JCBA and formulated a document which outlines the contractual procedure of Mandatory Overtime which was approved by CWA President Ivey and Customer Care Managing Director Lakshman Amaranayaka. This document will be presented to our CWA members/AA employees as well as all AA Customer Care management team to be implemented to streamline the process.

Next agenda item for our meeting for November:

I) FAA Re authorization Bill: WE WON! On October 5th, the FAA Re authorization Act of 2018 was signed into law. The act included critical protections from assault for passenger service agents across the nation. – Our members/ employees need to be ensured that since they put their lives on the front line every day that when there are instances where they are assaulted by passengers that American Airlines has a process in place that reassures our members that American Airlines care and takes care of their employees


Letter from the President 19 Mar 18

Letter from the President

March 19, 2018

Greetings Brothers and Sisters,

A new day is upon us and I couldn’t be happier than to be a part of this momentous movement!

I would like to thank everyone who supported and encouraged me during this past election, those who uplifted me to becoming president of CWA Local 13301. Whether you voted for me or not, I am fully committed to serve everyone. I am honored to serve you with truth, dignity and integrity; I am humbled by your faith and trust you’ve placed in me, as well as in my experience and ability to lead. Your vote counted; your vote mattered!

With the election behind us, our new officers are now in place and about to embark on in-depth training. It’s time to put aside negative and personal feelings so that we can begin to move forward and focus on working together in a positive and constructive manner which will lead us to a greater level of success.

As leader of our new administration, we will not focus on what was or wasn’t, who did or didn’t, or on what could have, should have and would have been; that will only further perpetuate negativity and division. We will, however, focus on what will be and shall be, what can happen and what will happen, AND how we can and how we will! This type of mindset, my Brothers and Sisters, will help propel our local forward to a new day and a new way with full transparency.

During our first two weeks in office, we’ve been extremely busy. We’ve met with Olympia Colasante, VP OPS PHL, Beth Norton, MD Customer Care Hub, as well as Glenda Rivera, CS Director Regional Ops. At each of these meetings, I expressed the importance of changing the culture, the way we think and do things, at PHL. At the Town Hall meeting with Olympia on March 9th, I was introduced and given an opportunity to speak to all those present to share a little of our vision and goal. Management is extremely hopeful and enthusiastic about forging relationships conducive to changing the culture and building morale. We also began an independent audit, undergoing Advance Officer Training with Pam Tronsor (Int’l Staff Representative District 2-13), updating the local’s website and Facebook page, where we will be posting regular updates and welcome open and honest communication. This past Friday, March 16, 2018, each new executive officer was sworn in by Pam Tronsor, with the exception of treasurer, Alissa Smith-Harris, who will be sworn next week.

I’d also like to thank our previous Executive Vice President, Dennis Eichfield, who has been extremely helpful and supportive. Dennis has been the only member of the past administration in PHL who stepped up to the plate to help transition our new team into our new roles.

I end with the words of a great poet in hopes of motivating and inspiring you…. “Forgetting those things which are behind us, and reaching forth unto those things before us as we press towards the mark of the prize.”


Gwen Ivey, President

CWA Local 13301

Language Premium FAQs


Are Customer Service Agents (CSA) at the ticket counter eligible for the language premium?

CSAs at the ticket counter are eligible for the language premium provided they are a qualified speaker and are directed by their manager to use their language skills.

Can you be qualified for more than one language? If yes, do you get an increased premium?

Yes, team members can be qualified for more than one language; however, the language premium remains the same regardless of how many languages a team member is qualified to speak.

Is there a limit to how many times you can test?

No, there is no limit. The company will pay for initial test. If a team member is deemed non-qualified, he/she is able to re-test as many times as they want. All subsequent testing will be completed at the team member’s expense.

Where will the testing be conducted?

Testing will be completed locally and during regularly scheduled work hours. Testing will take place via conference call. Each individual test will be scheduled by PHL Customer Care and the test will take approximately 30 minutes to complete. A third-party vendor will perform the assessments.

What is involved in the test?

It is an oral test completed via a telephone.

When will testing be conducted?

Testing will be scheduled beginning the week of September 18, and depending on the number of applicants, it may take up to two weeks to complete.

Will there be a closed bid for language qualified agents?

No, currently there are no plans to introduce language duty assignments, or red lined shifts, at PHL.

If I become language qualified, will I be restricted as far as CSO/CSW?

No. Being language qualified does not restrict a team member from a CSO / CSW perspective any differently than the current provisions provided in the CWA-IBT labor agreement.

Language qualified team members working a language duty assignment are able to CSO/CSW with other equally qualified team members in accordance with the provisions included under Article 5, Section P of the CWA-IBT labor agreement.

Additionally, a Letter of Agreement (LOA) was signed with the Union adding language to allow Qualified Language speakers to trade a limited number of shifts with non-speakers. Shift trades with non-qualified team members are limited to 5 trades per month

Language Premium Pay:

How much is the language premium?

The language premium is $1.00 per hour to be added to the team members’ base rate of pay. Team members who are qualified for a language premium position, and who, at Company direction, perform work requiring language skill will be paid the language premium for each hour worked requiring their language skill or a minimum of four (4) hours, whichever is greater. See Article 24.E of the CWA-IBT labor agreement

How will it work?

Team members assigned to a language duty assignment position will be paid the language premium for every hour worked.

Language qualified team members not assigned to a language duty assignment position who at a management direction are asked to use their language skill will be paid the language premium for each hour worked requiring the skill or a minimum of four (4) hours, whichever is greater.

Will there be a special bid or shift for language speakers?

Currently PHL has no plans to introduce language duty assignments / red lined shifts to support and manage certain markets serviced by the PHL airport.

Will language qualified team members have a special bid or will they bid with everyone regardless of language?

Language qualified team members do not have a special bid.

Would I get a premium if I am qualified?

No. Being language qualified does not constitute guarantee for premium pay. Language qualified team members working a language duty assignment /red line shift, or those directed by management to use their language skills, receive language premium pay.

Would I be locked into a position and for how long?

As delineated by the CWA-IBT labor agreement team members who are hired to fill a position that requires a language skill and qualify for a language premium, OR who transfer into such position, must remain in the position for a period of twenty-four (24) months. See Article 9 section Q of the CWA-IBT labor agreement.

PHL does not plan to introduce Language duty assignments / redline shits at this time

Who would get the premium? CSC, CSA, CAR?

Language premium pay eligibility is applicable to all team members covered under the CWA-IBT labor agreement.

Will the ATO get a premium? Why not?

Language qualified employees who at management direction are directed to use their language skill will receive language premium pay

Will the ATO be red lined?

No. There are no plans to add red line shifts at the ATO

I was a previously tested Language Speaker. Will I continue to receive the Language Premium?

No. You will no longer receive the premium after October 8, 2017. If you are interested in receiving the language premium you will need to retest. You will be paid the language premium if you are directed by your manager to use your language skill.

Week in Review 07 Apr 18

Brothers and Sisters.

The week in review.

When the message was posted in workbrain that a new bid was scheduled we had to act fast.
It is important that we the members have input regarding the impending bid.
President Ivey had a few quick discussions and and asked a number of members if they would like to serve in the bid committee.
The following agreed to serve:
Schedulers, CSCs, agents and CARs.
In general, the bid lines are created in Dallas and are adjusted based on recommendations by us here in PHL.
Our voices must be heard.
Thank you to those members that agreed to serve.

Once we hold our Quarterly Meeting we will offer all members the ability to serve on all committees.
The current (outdated) By Laws have the current list of committees.
By Laws need to be changed and those committees need to change.

The executive board completed the Initial series of training sessions last week which had been conducted by the Regional CWA office.
All of the Executive Board was sworn in by the end of March.

Our focus is the grievances that have been filed.
We need to hold management accountable.

There is much work to be done in this transition period.
Deb Weishedel came in the help Alissa Smith-Harris in the transition of the treasury and recordkeeping.

We will have training for all shop stewards who wish to continue to serve.
We will implement a plan to use the Chief Shop Stewards in a tier structure.

Stay tuned!

In Unity

10 April 2018 Shop Steward Mtg

On 10 April 2018 we held training for the Chief Shop Stewards.
In attendance were President Ivey, Area VP, PHL McBride and all Chief Shop Stewards: John Carasquero, Ron Isaac, Thomas King, Laurie Marks and Byron Williams.
It was an extremely productive meeting with a healthy exchange of ideas and proposals to benefit and strengthen our membership.
We are moving forward.
All present signed the Responsibilities and Duties Statement and Pledge which include fair representation, acting as a safe harbor for aggrieved members and a re-commitment to the confidentiality of all interactions.
The entire Statement is attached.