CWA 77th Convention

CWA 77th Convention      29-31 August 2019

This Convention is held every two years and includes all industries represented by CWA. 

CWA represents workers in all areas of communications, customer contact, high technology, and manufacturing professions in both the private and public sectors, including health care, public service, education, customer service, airlines, and many other fields.

Monday started with registration and credentials.

Morning session was Committee Reports.

Afternoon session was  District Meetings and nominations for District  Vice Presidents.

Voting opened 45 minutes after recess but lasted more than 2 1/2 hours. A long day indeed.

Tuesday started with more committee reports and installation of District Vice Presidents.

District 2-13 re-elected Ed Mooney.Ed Mooney, VP, District 2-13

Next up was Rules and Constitution Amendments. Voting on numerous items. 

Early evening was the most important stuff. Each Industry met to select their member representatives their bargaining committee.

American Airlines chose member representative and followed the vote with the Passenger Service Meeting.

2020 Bargaining Committee CWA Airport Representatives:

Agent Representatives
Tony Abrams
Cindy Thayer 
Tom Gunning 
Alternates are:
Tammy Woods
Qushaun Naugle

In addition they are joined by two CWA Reservations agents.
Vicky Hoots
Tammy Scott
Alternates are:
James Womack 
Nathalyn Bladen

IBT will also have agent member representatives on the bargaining committee.

This is just the start of preparations for the negotiations.

We Are Stronger Together!





Left to Right:   Barbara Belz, Local 2252, Secretary Treasurer. Jose Rivera, Local 13301, Piedmont, guest. Pam Tronsor, District 2-13 Staff Representative. Lisa Blanco, Local 13301, American. guest. Gwen Ivey, Local 13301, President. Cindy Thayer, Local 2252, President. Frank Spencer, Local 2252, Executive VP. (taking the picture Terrence McBride, Local 13301, Area VP.


31 August 2019

A Cheerful Goodbye

On June 28th, 2019 we bid a cheerful goodbye to our brother and friend Anthony Cameron. 
We wish him success in Pittsburgh as he returns home after accepting a transfer back to PIT.
Anthony has served the members in many roles over the years, including president; we will miss him.

The Union hall is available for rent to members in good standing for a small fee.
Union funds are not utilized for any private event.


Know the Facts. Article 3, M, page 5

FYI AA Mainline


According to Article 3 Paragraph M on page 5:

‘The Company shall have sole jurisdiction…over the management and operations…and the direction of its working force.’

Which means if management give a directive or puts out a mando that is a violation, it does not make it right, but the employee must follow that directive unless it is a safety concern/violation. YOU always have the option to voice your concern to management. If there is a contract violation we always try to resolve the violation before filing a grievance.

This is to address an email that was sent to management and CSCs from a member last week. There were also rumors/comments stating that members would not follow management directions or would leave the work floor.

The contract is to be followed by both members and management. We have learned that mando violations are occurring in other stations as well. It is important that we file grievances for all violations. When a grievance is filed, it shows written proof of contract violations as we move it through the process.

Local 13301 did not negotiate this contract but the members nationwide voted and ratified it. We all need to follow the joint contract, both members and management.

We have an open door policy. Members are welcome to call the office or stop by with all concerns.

CWA Members:




24 May 2019

Piedmont Customs Seal

Dear Team Members,
This is a friendly reminder that ALL PHL PIEDMONT EMPLOYEES (except Tower and Lobby) are required to have a Custom Seal on their SIDA badge.
If you are a Customer Service Ramp agent or Gate agent and you currently do not have a Custom Seal on your badge, you MUST immediately start the process to apply for a customs seal.
TMS is open from Monday – Sunday, available hours to process the application are 09:00 – 12:30 and 13:30-16:30.
All employees must have a customs seal on their badge by June 2, 2019 (Six weeks beginning Monday, April 22, 2019). Any agent who is not approved by CBP (Customs and Border Protection) for a customs seal will be separated from the company as this is a requirement to work for Piedmont in PHL.
Agents are recommended to begin their customs seal application immediately and agents are responsible to check on the status of their seal application with TMS on a weekly basis. In addition, agents are responsible to provide a valid telephone contact with the station.
Please check your RosterApps and verify the telephone number in your profile is up to date. If information needs to be changed, please advise TMS of the new information. Finally, agents must check their Company Email daily for communication from the station.
Agents should be able to meet the deadline to comply with the customs seal requirement unless there is an uncontrollable issues with CBP; should this happen, it will be managed on an individual basis.
Thank you for your cooperation and immediate attention to this matter.
19 April 2019

Piedmont Agents Stepping Up at Local 13301

Celebrating our members great work!…/piedmont-agents-stepping-local-…

By Gwen Ivey, President, Local 13301

Piedmont workers are stepping up like never before in Local 13301, and I couldn’t be prouder. We’re looking forward to training about 16 new Piedmont stewards at the end of April. This year I’m seeing more and more agents getting motivated to be leaders, and that’s exactly what we need in order to serve our members and help our union grow stronger. 

We’ll be mobilizing for political action in the next few months, and one of our chief stewards, Renee Shields,  is taking on a big role in getting members registered to vote. In early April Renee spent time in Washington, DC, at the We The People conference and training. She had a chance to hear eight presidential candidates and CWA President Shelton talk about the challenges facing our labor movement at this difficult moment.

Renee Shields, Local 13301

Renee says, “The DC training brought CWA members from different industries together so we could see what we have in common and learn from each other. I’m looking forward to helping people get registered to vote and then mobilizing!”

Renee and another chief steward, Robert Hersh, were recently appointed administrative coordinators for the 800 Piedmont agents at PHL. They’re doing excellent work with our brand new regional chief steward, Jose Rivera, to build stronger relationships between agents and managers across all eight Piedmont stations in Local 13301. Jose is a long-time union activist—first as a corrections officer, then at Envoy, and now as a veteran of five years at Piedmont, so he knows the ropes.  

Jose Rivera, Local 13301

Jose explains, “We want to get all our Piedmont members engaged, so I’m in the process of visiting each 

of the stations to listen to agents’ concerns. I see some real progress being made. We’ve now got a good structure in place, and a lot of support from our executive board.”

Congratulations to all our brand new and long-serving shop stewards, and thank you to every one of our Piedmont members for their positive thoughts and actions each day. If you want to get more involved, please talk to one of our shop stewards—we need you!

Uniform Compliance

March 1, 2019

Uniform Compliance Day !  

Still accepting donations of good, clean, slightly used or new uniform pieces. Under B6. A  limited selection is still available, March 1.

Twin Hill or Aramark  any item.  Legacy navy pants only. 

Such generous outpouring from members are seen below, from Feb.

(photos courtesy of Angelica Cooke)


Uniform Compliance Call for Donations

FYI PHL Mainline

In efforts to assist members to be in uniform compliance by the March 1st deadline, uniform pieces in good condition are being collected.

  • Any uniform item which you are not using may be donated and dropped off at the B6 MOD office.
  • Anyone in need of a uniform can come to the B6 office starting (Feb. 11)  to see what is in stock.

Please consider sharing with our brothers and sisters.