Nov 5, 2018 Exec Bd & AA Admin. Mtg

Monday  5, November

We wanted to follow up  with the concerns that were presented previously and addressed during our collaborative meetings with American Airlines Management Team

The following items were a part of our agenda:

I. Safety: This was a concern of our membership where SAFETY FIRST was suspended which was creating a hardship for our members/employees


A) Joint Safety Committee has been reinstated which includes 8 CWA representatives/ employees for 5 areas (A-West, A-East, B-C and F concourse), and 2 additional representatives/employees will be added soon.

B) Joint Safety Committee currently meet 2X a month where they are deployed for 1 hour to discuss safety concerns/issues. These meetings are outlines as follows:

1. American Airlines Management/ CWA representatives and Vendors meet 1x a month to discuss safety issues

2. American Airlines Management and CWA representatives meet 1x a month to discuss safety issues

II) Mandatory Overtime/ IROPS:  This was a big concern of our membership that mandatory overtime was not implemented per JCBA.


A)  Mandatory Workshop was set up with 3 AA managers and 3 CWA representatives where they sat down for 2-3 sessions and read the JCBA and formulated a document which outlines the contractual procedure of Mandatory Overtime which was approved by CWA President Ivey and Customer Care Managing Director Lakshman Amaranayaka. This document will be presented to our CWA members/AA employees as well as all AA Customer Care management team to be implemented to streamline the process.

Next agenda item for our meeting for November:

I) FAA Re authorization Bill: WE WON! On October 5th, the FAA Re authorization Act of 2018 was signed into law. The act included critical protections from assault for passenger service agents across the nation. – Our members/ employees need to be ensured that since they put their lives on the front line every day that when there are instances where they are assaulted by passengers that American Airlines has a process in place that reassures our members that American Airlines care and takes care of their employees


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