Letter from the President 19 Mar 18

Letter from the President

March 19, 2018

Greetings Brothers and Sisters,

A new day is upon us and I couldn’t be happier than to be a part of this momentous movement!

I would like to thank everyone who supported and encouraged me during this past election, those who uplifted me to becoming president of CWA Local 13301. Whether you voted for me or not, I am fully committed to serve everyone. I am honored to serve you with truth, dignity and integrity; I am humbled by your faith and trust you’ve placed in me, as well as in my experience and ability to lead. Your vote counted; your vote mattered!

With the election behind us, our new officers are now in place and about to embark on in-depth training. It’s time to put aside negative and personal feelings so that we can begin to move forward and focus on working together in a positive and constructive manner which will lead us to a greater level of success.

As leader of our new administration, we will not focus on what was or wasn’t, who did or didn’t, or on what could have, should have and would have been; that will only further perpetuate negativity and division. We will, however, focus on what will be and shall be, what can happen and what will happen, AND how we can and how we will! This type of mindset, my Brothers and Sisters, will help propel our local forward to a new day and a new way with full transparency.

During our first two weeks in office, we’ve been extremely busy. We’ve met with Olympia Colasante, VP OPS PHL, Beth Norton, MD Customer Care Hub, as well as Glenda Rivera, CS Director Regional Ops. At each of these meetings, I expressed the importance of changing the culture, the way we think and do things, at PHL. At the Town Hall meeting with Olympia on March 9th, I was introduced and given an opportunity to speak to all those present to share a little of our vision and goal. Management is extremely hopeful and enthusiastic about forging relationships conducive to changing the culture and building morale. We also began an independent audit, undergoing Advance Officer Training with Pam Tronsor (Int’l Staff Representative District 2-13), updating the local’s website and Facebook page, where we will be posting regular updates and welcome open and honest communication. This past Friday, March 16, 2018, each new executive officer was sworn in by Pam Tronsor, with the exception of treasurer, Alissa Smith-Harris, who will be sworn next week.

I’d also like to thank our previous Executive Vice President, Dennis Eichfield, who has been extremely helpful and supportive. Dennis has been the only member of the past administration in PHL who stepped up to the plate to help transition our new team into our new roles.

I end with the words of a great poet in hopes of motivating and inspiring you…. “Forgetting those things which are behind us, and reaching forth unto those things before us as we press towards the mark of the prize.”


Gwen Ivey, President

CWA Local 13301

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