Week in Review 07 Apr 18

Brothers and Sisters.

The week in review.

When the message was posted in workbrain that a new bid was scheduled we had to act fast.
It is important that we the members have input regarding the impending bid.
President Ivey had a few quick discussions and and asked a number of members if they would like to serve in the bid committee.
The following agreed to serve:
Schedulers, CSCs, agents and CARs.
In general, the bid lines are created in Dallas and are adjusted based on recommendations by us here in PHL.
Our voices must be heard.
Thank you to those members that agreed to serve.

Once we hold our Quarterly Meeting we will offer all members the ability to serve on all committees.
The current (outdated) By Laws have the current list of committees.
By Laws need to be changed and those committees need to change.

The executive board completed the Initial series of training sessions last week which had been conducted by the Regional CWA office.
All of the Executive Board was sworn in by the end of March.

Our focus is the grievances that have been filed.
We need to hold management accountable.

There is much work to be done in this transition period.
Deb Weishedel came in the help Alissa Smith-Harris in the transition of the treasury and recordkeeping.

We will have training for all shop stewards who wish to continue to serve.
We will implement a plan to use the Chief Shop Stewards in a tier structure.

Stay tuned!

In Unity

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