AA Mainline
New Grievance Process effective immediately
All grievances will now be received by the Employee Svc. Ctr (C20).
They will be time stamped upon receipt.
There is no need to see a mgr.for it to be signed and scanned.
Hours. M-F 6am-6pm S-S 7am,-3pm
1. Grievance is initialed by Chief/Shop Steward
2. Grievance, with any applicable ECR and documentation to be delivered to Svc. Ctr for date/time stamp.
3. A copy is made and given to steward.


08 August 2019

We Are Stronger Together!


Aflac Insurance Update.
The deadline has been extended because not enough members has signed up and set up the payment process.

Apologies to the amazing person who did every step and started deductions, you money is being refunded.

Aflac needs a minimum number, we are short by only 5. So, if you want to sign up, please do so NOW.
It is a Two step process.

STEP ONE. Sign Up (three methods)
1. In person. Some did this at the meeting. 
2. Call the Aflac Enrollment Center 1-877-464-6780
3. Click on the link below to schedule a time for Aflac to call YOU and take the application by phone.

STEP TWO. Set Up Payroll Deductions
This is done on newjetnet on the payroll page.
From Aflac you will get a unique Account Number to set up a New Direct Deposit.
This MUST BE DONE roughly JUNE 15th-24th in order for deductions to start with the June 30th pay period.

Coverage is scheduled to start July 1st.

We are working on scheduling a time for the Aflac representative to be at PHL for in person discussion and application.

Please let us know if you continuing issues.
The Executive Board has worked hard to make this benefit available to our Local Members.

Piedmont Agents Stepping Up at Local 13301




March 2019 Newsletter is available online:



CWA Local 13301 announces:
New Aflac Benefit Offering for our members
Come to the meeting Friday March 15
Refreshments provided & raffles for gift cards and talking Aflac Ducks.
Look who is flying in for our members



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